Weapon of Choice – Part 3

July 12, 2008

The three stood in the bushes watching the scene unfold across the street.

Five zombies had cornered a young woman who was desperately fending them off with her handbag. They had seen it countless times before, and knew better than to try and interfere, no one wanted to be a dead hero.

Suddenly a yell went up from the other end of the street, and a man came running at the pack screaming and waving a … stick.

He launched himself at the zombies, knocking two to the ground and began to stab a third in the eyes repeatedly and hard. As his victim fell he swung on the next and with a swift jab to the eye rammed the stick into its brain. He quickly moved onto the others, thrusting at their faces with deadly accuracy and wild fury.

Within seconds all five zombies were lying still on the ground. Just as quickly as he had arrived he started to run off, screaming and waving his bloodied stick in the air.

One of the watchers turned away and said “Crazy crack heads” the other two nodded to themselves as the woman picked herself up from the ground.


Weapon of Choice – Part 1

July 9, 2008

“Watch this Marcy, COME HERE AND BURN FOUL FIENDS!” and with that Pete scooped up a large pink super soaker leaning against the wall and pushed open the front door.

He sprayed the first zombie with a strong stream of gasoline from the soaker, igniting the stream as he fired. As the first zombie lit up like a walking bonfire, he started spraying the second with the stream of fire. Suddenly and with a loud WHOOMPH, the nozzle melted away allowing the flame to ignite the compression tank, which exploded and engulfed Pete in a red fireball.

While Pete rolled on the floor trying to extinguish the flames engulfing him, Marcy screamed as the Zombies, unbothered by the flames, reached toward her.