July 31, 2008

The two of them looked up at the track. Whenever the zombie invasion had come through the theme park, the ride operator had hit the stop button and then left his post. This was evidenced by the coaster vehicle stuck half way up a loop. The riders were motionless, skin dried out and cracked from months in the hot sun.

In front of the two observers was the other vehicle, sitting fully loaded in the now deserted roller coaster station. Its occupants moaned and strained to reach the two as they strode around the vehicle.

“You think with the power back on this thing will still run?” Said one as he reached the control station and started to punch buttons.

With a hiss of compressed steam the vehicle slid out of the station and up the climb ramp.

The two watched as the vehicle crested and began to thunder down the track, zombie arms flailing, heading for a collision with the still stationary other vehicle.

“Dude, that’s so wrong”