Huang’s World

June 30, 2009

Bombed Street

Picking his way through the deserted streets of Shang Hai, Huang crouched by a deserted fruit stall and scanned the road ahead. Even now, months after the Great Social Collapse, the city would echo as some unfortunate soul, alive or undead, stepped on an artillery shell or land mine.

Huang was experienced at living in the city post Collapse, he knew to stay on hard concrete and to not only stay away from impact craters, but to check the blast pattern and avoid any forward flung unexploded shells.

Seeing the street was clear he picked his road cones up and put them down twenty feet ahead of their previous position, expanding his sphere of non-exploding influence. Satisfied with the new acquisition to his domain, Huang strolled back to his house.

Walking in, he hung his hat on the zombie bolted to the wall and took his seat. Looking across the room at the zombies bolted, chained and fused into various household furniture poses he nodded. Outside the sun was shining on his newly expanded property.

He smiled, life was good.


The Great Wall

August 4, 2008

The great wall had been built long ago to keep the Mongolian hordes out, to stop the largest most determined armies from entering the motherland. Now it was stopping the group from getting out of the country. Moving slowly along the walls walkway were thousands of the walking dead, ex-Peoples Army who had been stationed there to stop the infection from spreading, but had instead been some of the first to fall, doomed to patrol the wall for all eternity.

At least until the fell off the edge… as some were now doing as they saw the group. The sickening crunch of shattered bones and broken skin drifted over to the four as they worked anxiously to hook the wires into the correct terminals.

Under cover of darkness they had planted their explosives along a small section of the wall. Now as the darkness faded the some of the closer zombies had seen them, come the detonation, thousands more would come, by then though they would be long gone through the broken wall.

Chen primed the igniter, and looked up at the other three of his group. As the power built with a low whine the three nodded back at him and with a quick twist of the key Chen detonated the planted explosives.

The sound, louder than anything they had heard before, tore through their heads, sending them falling to the floor clutching their ears. As they lay there, curled on the ground dust and smoke drifted past, while pieces of dirt and stone rained down around them.

Slowly the ringing in their ears began to fade and with it they could make out new sounds. The sound of a thousand moans and the thud of feet as every zombie within ten miles began to make its way to the detonation site.

Chen and the others feverishly grabbed their bags and started running through the thick dust toward the wall. As they came closer their thoughts of freedom and safety were crushed as the realization that not only had the explosives not blown a hole clear through the wall, but they had failed to do anything other than scratch its surface.

A thousand years of stone and history looked down at the four and watched as the first zombie reached the group.