Little house on the mountain top!

August 27, 2008

“How?! How is it any better up here than down there? At least down
there we could grow food and water was pretty easy to come by! All we
have up here is smoke, soot, ash and the threat of the damn volcano
going boom!”

“Look Hun, I know your upset but you have to admit the lava flow is
the safest way to get rid of any zombies!”

“That maybe but it smells gross each time one of them wonders into it,
and wheres the dog I haven’t seen him in ages!”

” Yeah about that”


The Fort – I

August 19, 2008

They could see the concrete walls far off in the distance, which even at this range, looked truly massive and oddly, seemed to lean toward them.

“Are you sure this is the right place? I thought this was supposed to be all forest?” Asked Sam, her auburn hair whipping gently around her face in the early morning breeze.

Jake checked the map again, the hundredth time since yesterday morning when they had come in sight of the far off structure. Directly to their east lay the giant megatropolis they had skirted around on their way through the state. Now they should be standing in thick forest brush, instead they stood on a flat dusty plain. Every hundred yards had been placed two, twenty feet long, by six feet high concrete walls arranged in a V shape with a large pit at the base of the V.

Sam looked into the nearest pit, down at the bottom she could see it was filled with vicious wooden stakes. Two bodies lay impaled on the spikes and crawling around between the stakes was a single loan humanoid, moaning as it dragged itself around the pit.

“You know, as crazy as this is” Said Jake “But I think they bulldozed this entire forest to the ground, and then built these pits and funnels.”

“Really? What gave that away Einstein? Was it the fact that the forest is completely gone? Or the vehicle tracks all over the place?” snapped Sam.

“Fine whatever” Jake looked back the way they had come “Looks like there’s some sort of dust storm in the city”

Sam, who had better eyes than Jake looked at the dust on the far eastern horizon “Weird storm, here pass me the binoculars”.

She tuned the focus in and then gasped. “Oh crap, this is not good. Come on, grab your bag we have to move.”

“What? Why?”

Grabbing her bag, Sam started to run toward the equally distant walls to the west, screaming over her shoulder as she ran “COME ON! WE HAVE TO MOVE!”

In the east, kicking up dust as they walked, a million zombies emptied from the city and began to drag themselves west.

The Zombie Runners

August 14, 2008

“They’re moving up the catapults!”

The general turned to face the three teenagers in front of him.

“OK boys, you know what to do, smash the head before they have a chance to crawl away, if one gets loose in here its gonna be a nightmare”

In the distance a large wooden catapult swung its huge arm and fired two cart wheeling figures into the air. The three boys studied the trajectory of the figures and without a word began to sprint away up the heavily fortified city’s streets.

The General turned back to watch the distant catapults as a second and third fired more figures into the air. Looking to his left he shouted at a group of soldiers awaiting orders “I need more Zombie runners! Any volunteers?”


August 13, 2008

The melee raged below him, even from this distance it was clear who was going to win, the zombies were ex-military based on the camouflage they wore and all three had combat helms making the blows that the two travelers rained down on their heads ineffective.

Chris began to run toward the encounter, as he did so he pulled two slugs from a belt clip and slotted them into the snub nosed shotgun and with a sharp flick of his wrist, snapped the firearm together. He grabbed the ignition cord and with quick pull started the small chainsaw, bolted to the side of the shotgun.

As he approached one of the travelers slipped in the mud, the other reached to help her up and as he did so one of the horrors grabbed his arm and bit down hard. The first zombie turned toward him as he drew near, eyes black, skin a pallid yellow and arms outstretched. Chris kept running and only feet away from the zombie aimed the barrel at its face and pulled the trigger.


The slug packed with needles exploded in a cloud from the barrel, many missed but hundreds more sliced through the zombies face, eyes and mouth. As the needles turned its brains and skin to mush it fell to the ground motionless.

The second zombie didn’t see the whirring chainsaw blade as Chris plunged it deep into its exposed neck and up into its cranium. With a loud crack the chainsaw blade snapped and whipped away over Chris’s shoulder. He quickly thumbed the now chainless chainsaw off and turned to face the last zombie as it stepped over the two fallen travelers, with fresh blood and flesh hanging from its mouth it reached out and grabbed at his vest. Chris raised the gun as the zombie pulled itself in, mouth open to bite down on his neck. Inches from his face Chris shoved the barrel into one of its eyes and pulled the trigger.

The Moaning Wall

August 12, 2008

“For crimes committed against the commune, the court and god himself, you are to be sentenced for the remainder of your moving life to the Moaning Wall!” cried the judge, whose black robes billowed around him with the strong wind.

The sentenced girl shrieked and began kicking against the two guards who were pinning her arms to her side. As tears streamed down her face the guards dragged her to the nearby execution block and placed the throat restraint over her neck. As they stood up to move away one of the guards pushed a basket in front of the now kneeling girls face.

“Bring the creature out!” and with the command three more guards appeared holding long metal bars fused to an iron collar around a long since undead man. They pushed the moaning creature toward the now hysterical girl and forced its face onto one of the girls outstretched arms. The creature bit down hard, tearing flesh away. Immediately it was pulled back and dragged by the three guards back to the tunnel from which it had emerged.

The judge, hoisted an axe, whispered a brief prayer for the girl and brought the thick heavy blade down on the girls exposed neck.

Thirty minutes later, neck bolted to the Wall, her eyes opened and as the wind whipped along the wall and through her exposed neck her soft moans melded with the hundreds of other heads pinned there, a constant reminder that any sin committed was considered a sin against the commune.

Test Chamber #12

August 6, 2008

The whir of the treadmill dominated the room. On it a tall slender female walked, jaw slack and arms out stretched to toward the cardboard figure placed in front of the treadmill. Around her waist a thick rope secured her to the ceiling, so that slowing down or turning away would not be an option. Nailed into the side of her head were two black painted pieces of wood about the size of a letter, designed to restrict her vision and keep her fixated on the goal in front of her.

To the side two researchers in white coats watched as the mileometer ticked over the thousand mark.

The first shook his head slowly and said “Unbelievable, a thousand miles, with no rest, no slowing and no stopping!”

The second bent over to look at the zombies shoes, or what was left of them “You know, she wore through the heel at the nine hundred mark right?”


“Well, it looks like she’s going through her real heel now, I think I can see the bone”

“Utterly amazing, I think her speed will only start to drop as she wears through her feet and begins to lose balance, at which point from what we’ve seen in the other test chambers she will just start to crawl.”

“We should report our progress and then go get some lunch”

“Man, I wish that Taco place was still open, the owner made excellent Tacos before he got his arms ripped off”.

“True true, how’s he doing now?”

“Pretty good, last I heard they moved him into the ballistics chamber”

“Yeah? We should go do some practice shooting after lunch”

“Sounds like a plan!”

The Great Wall

August 4, 2008

The great wall had been built long ago to keep the Mongolian hordes out, to stop the largest most determined armies from entering the motherland. Now it was stopping the group from getting out of the country. Moving slowly along the walls walkway were thousands of the walking dead, ex-Peoples Army who had been stationed there to stop the infection from spreading, but had instead been some of the first to fall, doomed to patrol the wall for all eternity.

At least until the fell off the edge… as some were now doing as they saw the group. The sickening crunch of shattered bones and broken skin drifted over to the four as they worked anxiously to hook the wires into the correct terminals.

Under cover of darkness they had planted their explosives along a small section of the wall. Now as the darkness faded the some of the closer zombies had seen them, come the detonation, thousands more would come, by then though they would be long gone through the broken wall.

Chen primed the igniter, and looked up at the other three of his group. As the power built with a low whine the three nodded back at him and with a quick twist of the key Chen detonated the planted explosives.

The sound, louder than anything they had heard before, tore through their heads, sending them falling to the floor clutching their ears. As they lay there, curled on the ground dust and smoke drifted past, while pieces of dirt and stone rained down around them.

Slowly the ringing in their ears began to fade and with it they could make out new sounds. The sound of a thousand moans and the thud of feet as every zombie within ten miles began to make its way to the detonation site.

Chen and the others feverishly grabbed their bags and started running through the thick dust toward the wall. As they came closer their thoughts of freedom and safety were crushed as the realization that not only had the explosives not blown a hole clear through the wall, but they had failed to do anything other than scratch its surface.

A thousand years of stone and history looked down at the four and watched as the first zombie reached the group.