July 31, 2008

The two of them looked up at the track. Whenever the zombie invasion had come through the theme park, the ride operator had hit the stop button and then left his post. This was evidenced by the coaster vehicle stuck half way up a loop. The riders were motionless, skin dried out and cracked from months in the hot sun.

In front of the two observers was the other vehicle, sitting fully loaded in the now deserted roller coaster station. Its occupants moaned and strained to reach the two as they strode around the vehicle.

“You think with the power back on this thing will still run?” Said one as he reached the control station and started to punch buttons.

With a hiss of compressed steam the vehicle slid out of the station and up the climb ramp.

The two watched as the vehicle crested and began to thunder down the track, zombie arms flailing, heading for a collision with the still stationary other vehicle.

“Dude, that’s so wrong”



July 30, 2008

“You hear bill died?”

“No way! I never thought a zombie would get him, he was armed to the teeth 24/7”

“Nono, a zombie didn’t get him, he was getting them and it want badly wrong ”

“How so?”

“Well he took his chopper out yesterday and was cruising around looking for some to take out, when he saw 20 or so walking along a road. He radioed in where he was and that he was going in to take them out. That was the last we heard from him”

“So how u know he died?”

“Well some of the boys went and looked for him this morning and found the wrecked chopper in the middle of the road. Apparently he tried to use the chopper blades to chop the zombies down.”

“like the movie?”

“Yeah except he rammed the blades into the ground before he even got to them”



The Crowd and The Preacher

July 29, 2008

“We should be able to harness the power of our fallen brothers!” shouted the robed preacher to the assembled crowd.

“You mean fallen and then risen brothers right?” asked one of the watching throng.

“What? Yes yes, fallen and then risen brothers. We should be able to use their energy -“ he was cut off as someone else in the crowd said “Well we could use our fallen brothers for power though couldn’t we? We could chuck ‘em in a furnace and use them for power!”

The first commenter with a thoughtful look chimed in “Or, we could use them to heat our homes, put them the fire place, that sort of thing”

The preacher looked aghast “What? No, you cant burn dead people for fuel, im talking about using our walking dead brothers to drag plows for our fields, or to move building supplies or-” again he was cut off as someone else piped up “Well what about our sisters? Why cant we use them?”

“I’m,.. I’m using brothers as an interchangeable term, to cover all of the fallen, whether they be male or female!”

“Well our Albert, he got bit and died standing up, so he’s not really fallen is he?” said another of the crowd.

Another quickly followed with “Same thing happened to our Suzy, got caught in a leg trap and died standing up!”, with a subject the crowd could relate to, more and more stories of the fallen were told.

The preacher sighed, picked up his bag and pushed his way through the crowd.

Gone Fishing

July 29, 2008

The fishing trawler moved slowly through the thick fog, its sounding bell ringing out into the surrounding darkness.

With a lurch, the net motor started to pull in the latest catch and far below the ship the heavy boom rig lifted clear of the sea bed and made its ascent to the surface, the net full and writhing with its catch.

As the net lifted clear of the water and swung over the boats deck, two heavily garbed figures moved in and steadied it in place. With another jolt the crane arm locked in place and the rest of the crew moved in as the nets occupants started to moan as the water cleared their lungs.

“Grab the jewelry and load them into net two!” shouted the captain.

“Net two? Why not just chuck them back in?” yelled one of the garbed figures as he adjusted the Kevlar armor on his arms.

“That bastard Jake Knight beat me at poker when we were last ashore, were gonna go drop these in his hunting grounds, give him a little less to bet with next time, now get to it!”

“Aye Captain!”

Time Marches On

July 23, 2008

Gasping for air Vladis pulled himself back to his feet, his ears were ringing from the blow to his head and his vision was filled with bright sparks and flashes. Slowly the sounds of the melee filled his ears and he could clearly see the battle going on around him. He picked his blade up and started to attack the nearest zombie to him, hacking at its head and shoulders. Suddenly over the sound of the battle a thousand wristwatches all started to chime in unison. Jack began to panic, realizing that they had five minutes left before the first of their fallen comrades would rise up to join the walking dead. He looked out across the field and realized there were too many remaining enemies for them to dispatch in the next few minutes.

It was going to be a long night.

training for the zombie apocolypse

July 19, 2008

just a quick note, I just added a new baby ( my first) to the family, so zombie stories will continue next week, (after im finished training him for the coming zombie invasion,) on Monday , I’ll also be back filling this lost week, so stay tuned.

Weapon of Choice – Part 3

July 12, 2008

The three stood in the bushes watching the scene unfold across the street.

Five zombies had cornered a young woman who was desperately fending them off with her handbag. They had seen it countless times before, and knew better than to try and interfere, no one wanted to be a dead hero.

Suddenly a yell went up from the other end of the street, and a man came running at the pack screaming and waving a … stick.

He launched himself at the zombies, knocking two to the ground and began to stab a third in the eyes repeatedly and hard. As his victim fell he swung on the next and with a swift jab to the eye rammed the stick into its brain. He quickly moved onto the others, thrusting at their faces with deadly accuracy and wild fury.

Within seconds all five zombies were lying still on the ground. Just as quickly as he had arrived he started to run off, screaming and waving his bloodied stick in the air.

One of the watchers turned away and said “Crazy crack heads” the other two nodded to themselves as the woman picked herself up from the ground.