Sheeple Of The Dead

July 30, 2009

Dusty Road

“Sooo, you herd them like cattle?”

“Not like cattle no, more like…” He looked up thoughtfully “Sheep, I guess… I mean really dangerous sheep” He saw the expression in the strangers eye “It’s OK though, they just roam around the metal enclosure, they can’t get out”

“Really? Because I’ve seen these … creatures” he spat the word “tear apart buildings so that they can tear apart the family inside. I’ve seen them tear apart women and children! And you’re keeping them safe because you knew what they once were. Trust me, they aren’t what you think they were anymore, they will kill you and then you will join them”

“Well stranger, that’s why I reinforced the walls with concrete, they can’t get out! Don’t you think I thought of that?”

“And why not just kill them”

“Kill them? But I grew up with them, they’re my friends, some are my family. That,.. That would be murder!” stammered the man.

The stranger shook his head, and without another word, climbed his horse and set off out of the small town and away from the disaster that he knew awaited the few remaining townsfolk.


Something Freaky

July 29, 2009

Old Tree

“Wanna see something freaky?”

“Sure” said Harry, lowering his shotgun.

Arnold twisted the grenade cap and gently threw it to the ground ahead of the oncoming zombie. With a dull thump it detonated in a cloud of smoke and dirt.

Harry tilted his head and leaned back against a nearby tree “I’ve seen crawlers before” he said, as out of the smoke crawled the zombie, minus legs and lower midsection.

“Well watch this” said Arnold as he walked over to the zombie dragging itself toward them. He danced over its outstretched hand, stood behind it and leaned over the creatures back, waving his hand in its face.

With a snarl the creature reared up, gnashing its teeth as it desperately tried to bite down on Arnold’s hand. Arnold in turn raised his hand up while the creature pushed itself upward, until finally it was sitting upright, balancing on its hands, leaving its torso hovering above the ground.

“Huh, would you look at that!” exclaimed Harry “That is kinda freaky”

At the sound of Harry’s voice the creature fixed its eyes on Harry and in a quick smooth movement Arnold pulled his hand back out of the creature’s vision. Fixated on Harry, the creature rocked to the side lifted one hand and swung its weight forward. Harry’s eyes went wide as the creature began to walk on its hands toward him, trailing blood and letting out a low growl.

“Holy cow! That’s freaky!” and with that he leveled his shotgun, pulled the trigger and fired a heavy slug through the creatures head.

“I told ya” said Arnold.

Station Tomb

July 28, 2009

Gian tMetal Door

Looking down the large flight of stairs, she studied the huge, barricaded metal door that had sealed hundreds of innocents to their fate. The barricades were nailed across the doors and braced against the door and the granite stairs she stood on. Even from here she could see the stress lines across the wood created from the doors as those inside had tried to get out.

She thought back to the fateful morning when police and army officers had rushed down the stairs dragging the huge planks of wood behind them, and those at the door threshold had been forced back by the armed officers. Despite the display of force it had been relatively calm, incomprehension of why they would want to close the main exit blinded people to the real danger amongst them. Not Anya. Standing shoulder to shoulder she could see the grey pallid complexions of her fellow passengers dotted around the room. Thinking back she realized now she had seen them while on the underground trains, as they disembarked and during the climb up the flights of stairs to the main terminal. It was only when they began to close the doors did the realization dawn on her.

As the daylight was blocked off, she first made her way to the stations lockers, stowing her bag and pocketing the key, before making her way toward the bathrooms, and there she made a phone call to the outside world. Her mother had sounded worried as Anya described her situation and the reasons why she thought they were being blockaded in. Then Anya listened as her mother tried to describe the television pictures of sealed off apartment buildings and train stations until suddenly the signal had been cut off.

All had remained calm for several hours as people listened to the stations Public Announcement system declaring the situation temporary and for their own protection. Inside the toilet stall Anya had heard the first screams while she was pulling back on the ventilation grate. The screams of horror and panic, shouts of “Infected” and “Open the door” filled the air as people began to rush toward the sealed doors and back down the stairs toward the rail tracks and eventual freedom.

Stopping her escape work she tucked herself into a ball and covered her ears. As she had guessed the government had not forgotten about such an obvious escape route. The deafening boom from the of explosives and collapsing rail road tunnels had shook the entire station while the pressure wave had smashed windows, mirrors and blown countless eardrums. Picking herself up, she had pulled again at the grate, cutting her hands on the sharp metal corners and covering her dress in thick black dust.

She closed her eyes and fought the vivid image of her crawl to freedom, the chocking dust and the screams as people began to turn on each other both in fear and in hunger.

Now she made her way slowly toward the door, covering her nose at the stench emanating from the other side she walked up and pressed her ear against its cold metal exterior. The only sound was her own heartbeat thumping rhythmically over the wind that whipped around her feet. Stepping back she thumped her fist against the metal before shouting if anyone could hear her.

She moved back to the door and pressed her ear to the metal again, while this time holding her breath, she strained her ears for the slightest hint of movement beyond.

With a deafening crash something hit the other side of the door. Anya jerked back, her ear ringing and stood wide eyed looking at the door. Another blow hit the door, and another. Rapidly more blows struck the door, vibrating the hastily constructed barricades that had been battered from the long winter and hot summer. Stepping back up the stairs Anya watched the first wooden brace fall away from the door and land with an ear splitting crack on the hard granite floor.

Anya swore and began to race up the stairs as more pieces were shaken loose, before finally, the doors exploded outward in a shower of splinters and dust. Turning back she saw blackened and moldy figures pushing through the opening before she turned away and ran toward the nearby survivor camp. All thoughts of the bag she had gone to recover were forgotten as the threat and terror of what she had disturbed filled her mind.

The Ammo Situation

July 27, 2009

Abandoned Big Box Store

Sprinting toward the abandoned store the man let out a short scream and threw his shoulder one last time against the closed security gate and with a metallic wrench, the restraining rail gave way. Grabbing the edge of the gate he looked over his shoulder and screamed at his companion to get inside and pulled upward to make the hole as wide as possible while the other man squeezed though. Then as his pursuers rapidly closed in, he pulled himself through the gap and into the giant abandoned store.

“Alright Hardy, lets get back to the ammo counter and put the hurting on these bastards!” he shouted as he began to walk past the dust covered checkouts.

“Ahh Toby, man, I would keep your voice down, I don’t think it’s just us in here”.


“Crap, yeah! over there” he said as bloated zombie rounded a distant aisle to see the source of the noise for itself. Its clothes were covered in blood and its jaw was missing, but through the torn flesh it let out a loud groan that echoed down the dark isles. Almost immediately there was a returning groan from down a nearby isle, followed by another deeper in the store. Quickly the air filled with the sound of groaning zombies, shuffling feet and now a hammering on the security gate as the zombies outside began trying to force their way in.

Toby swore. “Just run Hardy, just RUN!”

The two broke into a run, sprinting into the dark isles toward the back of the store. As they dodged away from the shambling undead emerging from other isles, they swung to the right as they approached the stores rear wall. Toby was squinting to read the signage as they shot past each isle “Baby, toddler, shoes… electronics… dvd’s, TV’s… toys, pool supplies…. bikes, fitness gear, sporting goods, oh thank god, ammo! Almost there man!” He swung left at the next isle, smashing the butt of his pistol into the face of a zombie that was lunging toward him, knocking it to the ground, before taking a flying leap over the counter, hammering his fist into the zombie-clerks face, leveling the pistol and firing his last round into its head.

As the creature crumpled to the floor he looked up at the ammo case “Its intact, no one’s been here, what you gonna need?”

Hardy peered back into the darkness at the dozens of shambling shapes coming toward them from all directions “9mill man, same as you, hurry up!”

“I am, I am. OK 9mill, where you at?” He ran his hands down the glass, peering in the low light at the stacked boxes. “Uhhh, not good”.


“Uhh, I think they sold out of 9mill.”

Hardy looked back at the case and then at his friend “Seriously? Man were screwed if there’s none left, how are we going to get back outside?”

Toby pursed his lips and thought, before finally smiling, stepping over the motionless zombie-clerk and striding toward the golf club stand. “Here” he said, “Let’s play some crazy golf”

To Hunt A Pursuit

July 20, 2009

barren forest

The three men, dressed in dark brown and all sporting thick beards, finished loading the guns and packing ammo into the bags they carried. The activity within the large wooden cabin had slowed to a halt as the three finished preparing for the coming days ahead.

A thin woman moved out of the kitchen, three bags packed full of dried fruits, nuts and jerky in her hands. She gave a bag to each and hugged the larger of the three.

“You look after these two Jake, please” she whispered in his ear.

With a gruff kiss to her forehead he picked up his bag and moved to the door. He looked back, smiled at the worried expressions on the resident’s faces and lead the two outside.

Striding through the cold morning air he looked around at the near completely melted snow, at the occasional green sprout pushing its way up after a long hard winter and thought about the task ahead. Hopefully the snows had killed them all, if not, as he feared, then they would have begun to unfreeze and soon, they would be headed their way.

The three walked through the thick forest for several days until finally they came to a small rise. Cresting it they stopped and looked out at the field in front of them, at the large cliff face to their right where the snow and rock had fallen trapping their pursuers long enough for the deep cold of winter to work its way into their bodies and stop them solid.

Now though the field was empty. All that remained were some large boulders, several crushed frost bitten bodies and footprints, tens of thousands of footprints. Tracks led away from the field in every direction, some were fresh others much older.

The three men looked down at the churned up field and the magnitude of their task dawned on them. Cocking his shotgun Jake pulled some salted meat from his bag and began to chew with grim determination.

“Lets go hunting” he said, and with that strode back into the forest in pursuit of his prey.

Into the North

July 16, 2009

Apple Pip

This far north they were safe.

The walking dead were not immune from freezing it seemed, they had been pursued for close to a month, but now with the freezing ground beneath their feet, their pursuers had disappeared far behind them.

The group had stopped at a deserted farm house in the middle of a large empty valley, with no human contact as far as the eye could see, they finally felt safe. Despite being from the inner city, they had adapted to life in the country side. They had learned how to make fire and had scavenged preserved food from stores and homes as they fled north.

Now in this beautiful safe haven, they could grow their own food and live in safety. The group had enough supplies to last them for a month or two and now that they had planted the orange pips and apple seeds they could live off the land until the end of their days

Sky High Choices

July 15, 2009

Jet Plane

“This doesn’t look good Dave”

The captain banked the plane and looked down at the airport far below them “No movement, no radio contact and pretty much no fuel. Any ideas?”

“Actually yes” Said Dave, turning from the safety locker “I have my jump gear and now I’m going to take my exit”

The captain blinked “You’re kidding?”

“No, no im not. It sounds like the whole world has gone to hell down there. Air traffic control is not responding, and quite honestly even if they did, they couldn’t clear some landing space in time, so yes I think I’m going to take my chances and jump.”

The captain reached down and slowly unbuckled his belt straps “I can’t let you do that Dave”

Dave smiled “I thought you might say that” and swiftly raised the planes emergency pistol and fired two rounds into the man’s chest. He watched as the captain writhed briefly and then fell back limp. Reaching over he flicked the auto pilot off and leveled the plane out before locking the flight stick in place and deactivating the safety alarms and locks for the plane. Finally he swung the parachute over his arms and clipped it into place.

Opening the door he stepped out into the main cabin, pushing his way past a worried looking flight attendant and closing the door behind him before she could look through. He made his way to the door, turned to the flight attendant and asked “Mary, be a dear and go get me a bottle of water would you?” She gave a brief, if somewhat worried nod of her head and moved away back into the plane.

The co-pilot remained at the door, waiting for the flight attendant to return, gladly taking the bottle and gulping its contents down upon her arrival. Standing silently the co-pilot waited, motionless, only moving his head with a shake when a flight attendant asked him a question.

With a jolt the engines began to sputter and die as the remnants of the fuel began to burn up.

“What’s happening Sir?” asked an attendant”

To which Dave replied “Were slowing down”

“But were not descending”

“We will soon” he said, grasping the doors handle to steady himself as the plane began to lose speed and altitude.

“And now my dear, I bid you farewell” he said as he wrenched the security lock up and began to twist the doors giant handle. With a sudden bang and burst of pressurized air the door blew open and Dave was ejected out into the clear blue sky.

Opening his parachute he looked around him and spotted the plane beginning to curve into a steep dive as the lack of forward thrust reduced the natural lift of the wings. Looking down Dave could see figures heading toward his landing site. He hoped they were friendly.