Bring Back My Bonnie To Me

November 25, 2008

“Bonnie! Run Bonnie… NooOO! Ugggghhh”

Seeing her boyfriends side being ripped open, organs exposed, ribs cracked and extruding at unnatural angles she finally snapped. Screaming her terrified rage she rushed the huge zombie, pounding her fists into its back and head.

With a groan the zombie released Sam, who fell to the ground spraying blood across the courtyard. The zombie twisted and grabbed Bonnie’s arm, tearing her shirt and raking his nails down her arm. As she backed away, screaming more, he reached out and caught her hair in his hand. With a sudden jerk the zombie pulled her to him and bit down hard on her collar bone. She screamed and struggled hard, blood spraying up around her face and into her mouth.

Lying on the ground, his life blood pouring out around him Sam watched as the zombie grabbed his beloved and began to attack her. As he watched her blood fall and mix with his, a surge of anger welled over him. Heaving himself up, he screamed and tore one of the lose ribs from his chest, and with a final, desperate scream, rammed the rib through the Zombies ear and into its brain.

As the three fell to the ground, Bonnie reached out and grasped Sams blood drenched hand. “I love you“ she whispered as the last breath wheezed from his torn chest.

She lay for several minutes quietly sobbing and trying to stop the blood flow from her shoulder. With a lurch Sam sat up, reached out and dug his fingers into her open wound, dragging her toward him. As his lifeless eyes and gaping mouth filled her vision she screamed.


Local News, Harbringer of Doom!

November 20, 2008

“We now go live, to reporter Trisha Brown, flying high in News Chopper 8 over quarantine section D, Trisha?”

“Hi Tom. We are currently hovering above what looks to be an ever growing crowd of unhappy and possibly sick residents moving toward the quarantine barricade. Its hard to get a good view of their faces Tom, but a number of them look very ill”

“Trisha, do you know what has caused all these residents to break quarantine?”

“Well Tom, we have reports of a soldier accidentally discharging his gun, and hitting a nearby resident. With the quarantine restrictions and now the shooting of an innocent bystander the residents may have been pushed too far and now want to protest this unprecedented government action”

“Tom, I just got word from the pilot that he’s seen a good area nearby to land, were going to go down and see if we can’t get a few of the locals reactions”

“Well, you be careful Trisha, we don’t want to see you quarantined too”

“Don’t you worry Tom, this IANA reporter will get to the bottom of this, back to you in the Studio”

“Thanks Trisha and good luck. Now, Sports!”

Armageddon flame

November 19, 2008

Her arms felt like lead as she swung the pipe at the leading zombie. The makeshift weapon connected with a sickening crunch, caving it’s skull in and sending the now fully dead monstrosity crashing to the ground. Another stumbled as it tried to step over the body, only to be sent crashing to the ground as another blow crushed through the top of it’s head.

Screaming her defiance as she backed down the narrow hallway, past a shattered window that looked out on the broken Russian landscape, she swung again, dropping a third to the ground. As more filled the doorway and stumbled over the bodies on the ground, she leant against a metal pillar and tried to control her tears.

As another reached out for her she swung the pipe, snapping it’s outstretched arm in two and pushing the zombie back. As she drew the pipe back for a second strike the light streaming through the broken window burst into brilliance. Where it touched, including the zombie attacker, erupted with thick black smoke. Dropping to the ground and pressing herself against the pillar she felt the heat as it began to incinerate all it touched. Two more zombies stumbled into the light blazing through the now widening window. As they exploded into flame and smoke the building began to shake. Like a giant freight train bearing down on her, she felt the blast wave approaching.

She screamed as the world exploded around her. Huddled against the pillars base she watched through chocking dust as the building began to collapse, dragging her down into a flame engulfed hell.

Listen to the details

November 18, 2008

“HaHa! Yeah! come on then, COME ON! Chaz, gimmie one of those bottles, I’m gonna light the fuckers on fire!”

Chaz looked at Barry “Are you sure Baz? Isn’t that like, murder or something?”

Chaz grabbed the bottle from him, and started to stuff an old rag into the top “Nah, they said it was OK on the news, they got no feeling or somethin. Anyway, cops are too busy up at the stadium, who gives a rats eh?”

Facing the two shuffling undead Chaz lit the rag and hurled the flaming bottle at them. It struck the first one directly in the face, shattering and engulfing them in flames.

“Yeah, burn you freaks! Burn!”

As the flames swirled around the two zombies, they continued their advance on the boys, arms outstretched jaws hanging open.

“Shit, why don’t they stop?” said Chaz, turning to Barry, who was no longer by his side. Turning Chaz looked around the alley, “Baz? Where you go mate? You’re not scared are ya?”. Reaching down he picked up his beer can and turned back to watch the bonfire. As he turned the first zombie had closed the gap to less than ten feet. Shocked, Chaz dropped his beer and turned to run, kicking into the gas can at his feet. As he stumbled and the zombies bore down on him the gas fumes ignited around him. The flames clung to his jacket and hair. Screaming he dropped to the ground, trying to put the flames out. As he rolled over he saw the first zombie, glass embedded face melting from the heat, reach out and grab his throat.

His shrill screams quickly stopped as the zombies tore into him.

Behind a trash can nearby Baz quietly wet himself and prayed they wouldn’t see him.

Zombie Combat Guide, From A to Z

November 13, 2008

When dealing with the zombie menace remember you’re A to Z’s:

  • Just like the letter A, you should stay as far away from a zombie as you can
  • Zombies will always move in a direct line toward their nearest object of interest. If this object of interest is your brain, try to place a large object between it and the zombie, such as a crate, car or building.
  • Don’t be lonely, much as zombies like the company of other zombies, you should group together with other survivors, safety comes from numbers!
  • Remember, taking Z’s will get you killed! Find a safe location and set a guard, because no one likes to wake up to a zombie eating their brains!
  • A stands for Aim. Aim for the Brain! A direct shot to the brain will make the walking dead into plain old dead.
  • H stands for Hand to Hand Combat and just as H stays away from Z and A, so should you!
  • Lastly if you are bitten by a zombie remember you ABC’s
    • Acknowledge you are infected
    • Blow your brains out
    • Congratulate yourself on a job well done

Beach Landing

November 12, 2008

— Radio Transcript Starts —

-This is beach base 2, Normandy, Bunker 8. I repeat this is beach base 2, Normandy, Bunker 8. We have a confirmed bottom walker coming ashore; sniper squad has been dispatched-

2 minutes of radio silence

-This is beach base 2, if anyone’s listening we’ve got a major problem here, there must be at least a hundred coming ashore now-

-Seriously is anyone listening, I thought we were supposed to be using this to communicate! We need backup, they just keep coming from the sea, there must be thousands on the beach now. We haven’t heard anything from the sniper team, the bastards probably ran-

4 minutes of radio silence

-Beach base 2, is anyone out there?-

2 minutes of radio silence

-Oh shit! Oh shit! Shit! They’ve seen something, they’re starting to move up the beach, their coming straight for our bunker. Fuck, fuck, guys don’t make a sound-

30 seconds of radio silence

-I know, I know, it’s taped down now, no more static. Stay quiet guys, fuck there’s still more coming from the sea. Shhh shhh, don’t say anything, their outside!-

2 minutes of open radio silence

-The door! Block the door! NO NO, shoot it!


-Oh god, there all coming, shoot them! SHOOT THEM! If anyone is listening, please send help! No get off! NO-

Screams and fighting

28 minutes 14 seconds of open mic radio follow, with occasional moans and shuffling sounds audible
Audio feed cuts off abruptly

The sniper team reports all recon bases are overrun, with test subjects lasting on average 12 minutes from landfall

—This concludes field test 14c—

Little House on the Pier

November 11, 2008

The scout party returned to the barricade blocking the entrance to the pier, dragging a cart full of scrap metal.

“Ahoy” the leader called up to the barricade guards “You want to send someone down to help us haul this stuff inside?”

“Sure thing, there much activity out there?” the guard called back

“No, we found one crawler but otherwise its pretty quiet”

A short while later the gate swung open and two guards walked out, with rifles slung over their shoulders. As they brought the metal onto the pier, one of the fishermen at the far end of the pier started shouting and running back to the encampment at the middle of the pier.

“There’s a ship coming, there’s a ship coming!”

Scrap metal forgotten the pier residents all began to run toward the railings to see the sighted ship.

Over the next several minutes it came closer and closer, on an obvious course for the wharf from which the pier jutted out.

“It’s a cruise ship! Man that thing is huge, it must be what 80, 90 thousand tons?” said one of the watchers.

“Easily.” Replied another “Shouldn’t it be slowing down though?”

“Oh crap”

With that, the cruise ship, under full speed, glided along the right side of the pier, heading toward the shore. With a sickening crunch the bow began to plow into the rapidly rising sea bed. The scream of metal tore through the air and giant gashes began to appear along the side of the ship as it buckled from the impact. A massive iron girder punched out from the side of the vessel as it plowed onwards, spinning away from the ship, cutting through the pier like a knife through butter. On the pier the residents were running to the opposite side, throwing themselves to the waves below, several were crushed as the girder tore through the floor, snapping timber supports like twigs.

With a final shudder the cruise ship came to a halt, its engine still churning the water behind the beached ship. Looking at the destruction the pier dwellers watched as figures began to drop from the deck high above them and more stumble out of the torn hull. Lurching and groaning the undead began to make their way toward the survivors. As the undead poured through the now useless barricades the living gathered what weapons they had to hand and prepared to make their final stand.