I Love My Job!

July 7, 2008

The helicopters blade roared high above them. With the door wide open the co-pilot was leaning out screaming obscenities and waving his arms wildly.

At the base of the cliff Burt and Dayton, stood with their backs pressed tight against the wall, shot guns in hand and pockets bulging with spare ammo. Burts radio crackled to life “HERE THEY COME!” screamed the copters co-pilot.

They both looked up in time to see the first body drop off the edge of the cliff and slam onto the hard rock at their feet. Seconds’ later two more crashed down swiftly followed by four more. One of the four, despite obviously broken bones and a missing jaw, began to push itself up and started to crawl toward Dayton. Burt raised his shotgun and with a loud boom, put a slug into the zombies head.

Dayton smiled, showing two missing front teeth, as a fine red mist filled the air “Ah love mah job”

“Yup yup” said Burt, raising his shotgun at another survivor.