Night Freight

July 1, 2008

They ducked into the bushes by the side of the road as the sound of the engine drew closer. Rounding the corner barreled a large livestock 18 wheeler. Thick black smoke belched from the twin exhausts, its Axles squealed with lack of grease and one of its headlights blinked on and off. That though, was not the most disturbing thing about the vehicle.

Out of the driver’s window leaned a thin grubby man with a manic look on his face, yelling at the night sky, barely looking at the road, how he managed to drive the vehicle in a straight line the watchers could not tell.

As it shot past them the watchers could see the live stock enclosure, filled, shoulder to shoulder with moaning zombies, shackled to the floor with heavy metal chains and thick iron collars around their necks.

As the truck disappeared off into the distance, one watcher observed “That’s not something you see everyday”.

The other watcher nodded in agreement.