A Good Idea?

July 3, 2008

No doubt it had seemed a good idea at the time.

They had locked themselves behind tall gates and walls, their expensive cars parked along the driveway, and armed guards throughout.

How the watcher wondered, had they expected to last? No doubt they had food, but enough to feed 50 people for months, no chance! He had listened to the sound of them partying late into the evenings, watched them walk around during the day, oblivious to the suffering going on outside their walls.

All of that would change, in a few short minutes the charges would take the front gate down, letting the small crowd of walking dead into the ‘secure’ compound’. Then as the occupants panicked and fled away from the oncoming horror, he would catch his target as she took the route toward what she thought was her safety. So predictable.

In the distance he heard the dull ‘thump’ as the charges went off, shortly after followed by screams from the house interior. He smiled, knowing that in a few short minutes he would at last be able to touch her hair.