Desperate Battle

January 6, 2009

Frozen with fear, his hands shaking and his breath coming in short sharp gulps, he listened to her muffled screams coming from the adjacent room. He knew she was dead, its was only a matter of time, still, he looked at the trail of blood where she had fought a retreating battle, while he had been trying to find the shotgun ammo. Now he hesitated trying to not think about the horror around the corner.

Sucking down a shuddering breath he pumped the shotgun and turned the corner. His wife was on the ground feebly hitting a hulking figure that was gouging itself on her pulled free entrails, the other two zombies turned to him as he entered, reaching pale dead fingers toward his face. Raising the barrel he fired the 12 gauge slug through the first’s outstretched hands and into its face. Rapidly he pumped the shotgun, pulling the trigger as the second grabbed his jacket. The slug caught the zombie in the shoulder, spinning it away from him.

He pumped again, trying desperately to aim for the head as the larger zombie stood up and reached out. The shotgun fired, hitting the chest, and knocking the zombie backward. He pumped again, sighted down the barrel at the larger zombie’s mouth as the blood of his wife oozed out and pulled the trigger. His triumphant smile turned to a scream as the second zombie crashed into him, knocking the shotgun away. He struggled to rise against the dead weight above him, and tried to stop the cold hands from tearing at his throat. They fought for what felt like an eternity, but with no regard for its own health and feeling no pain it was a losing battle. With a sickening wrench the zombie tore his throat clear and as his life blood rapidly flowed from him he looked across at the now still body of his wife and tried to tell her he was sorry.


Time Marches On

July 23, 2008

Gasping for air Vladis pulled himself back to his feet, his ears were ringing from the blow to his head and his vision was filled with bright sparks and flashes. Slowly the sounds of the melee filled his ears and he could clearly see the battle going on around him. He picked his blade up and started to attack the nearest zombie to him, hacking at its head and shoulders. Suddenly over the sound of the battle a thousand wristwatches all started to chime in unison. Jack began to panic, realizing that they had five minutes left before the first of their fallen comrades would rise up to join the walking dead. He looked out across the field and realized there were too many remaining enemies for them to dispatch in the next few minutes.

It was going to be a long night.