In the eyes of death by Lisa Conger

Looking down at them you would never guess who they really were. My Mom is down there staring at me not the way she used to. She used to look at me and say I was the best child in the world and I could do or be anything. Now she looks at me with those eyes. They were no longer loving they were hungry. How I knew they were hungry is because of what she did this morning.

I woke up to my alarm ran to the bathroom to beat my brother and shower. It wasn’t longer before I heard banging on the bathroom door. I thought it was my brother so I grabbed a towel and opened the door just a slit so I could yell at him and tell him to get lost. I looked out the door and what I saw was my brother kind of. His face was all covered in blood and he began growling at me. I closed the door scared at what was going on. That is when someone else started banging on the door. I knew the door could not hold too much pressure.

I climbed out the window wrapped up in my towel and here I sit. I did finally see my brother peek his head out of the window then fall to the ground. Next was my Mom with what looked like meat dangling out of her mouth. From the chunk taken out of my brother’s arm I am guessing that is what she is chewing on. Now I sit waiting for what I don’t know maybe I will die of dehydration or someone will come. My Dad is away on business maybe he will come home early.

Authors Biography: Here is a lovely daydream of mine hope you enjoy it if you do read my other longer stories here

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6 Responses to In the eyes of death by Lisa Conger

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  2. rusty shackleferd says:

    great story!! make some more, then ill have more to read

  3. SoulPwn says:

    I honestly think that every single one of these stories are entertaining and interesting. But I really liked the last one and I would love to see a part two of the story.

  4. SoulPwn says:

    Oh and There is one more thing I have forgot to mention. You all did a great job! Keep it comeing!!!

  5. Matthew Markel says:

    haha i like this story. i do wish it was longer too!

  6. Davion says:

    It’s interesting, but reminds me a bit too much of two other zombie stories that I had read – But nevermind. It’s good.

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