Gone Fishing

July 29, 2008

The fishing trawler moved slowly through the thick fog, its sounding bell ringing out into the surrounding darkness.

With a lurch, the net motor started to pull in the latest catch and far below the ship the heavy boom rig lifted clear of the sea bed and made its ascent to the surface, the net full and writhing with its catch.

As the net lifted clear of the water and swung over the boats deck, two heavily garbed figures moved in and steadied it in place. With another jolt the crane arm locked in place and the rest of the crew moved in as the nets occupants started to moan as the water cleared their lungs.

“Grab the jewelry and load them into net two!” shouted the captain.

“Net two? Why not just chuck them back in?” yelled one of the garbed figures as he adjusted the Kevlar armor on his arms.

“That bastard Jake Knight beat me at poker when we were last ashore, were gonna go drop these in his hunting grounds, give him a little less to bet with next time, now get to it!”

“Aye Captain!”