Field Work

May 13, 2009

crop fieldThe four toiled under the hot sun, tilling the earth for the new crop. In the distance, on the other side of the walled town they could hear the sound of battle, but here in their fenced off field life was perfect.

One of the workers stretched and swatted a fly away from his head “Hey Dan, you sure their ok with us being out here? They said they needed everyone to combat stations.”

Not stopping his work, Dan glanced up “You need ‘ta relax man, they’re fine in there and we need ‘ta get this crop in while we c-UGHH”

His words were cut short at machine gun fire tore through the air. Dans head and back exploded in a shower of blood and before the others could react they too were cut down from heavy machine gun fire the town’s wall.

On the wall the gunner unclipped the heavy gun from its fixed stand and started to head toward the west wall. As he walked he pulled a radio from his pocket and spoke “Hey central, I just took out four zombies that had wondered into crop field two. I’m on my way to the west wall”

The radio crackled back “Roger, pick up a water jug on your way, its getting hot out there”


Little Town on the Plain

December 4, 2008

As the world collapsed around us our little town drew closer together. We established early on that we faced a situation of unimaginable suffering and destruction if we were unprepared. So we procured stores of food, fuel, weapons and other supplies. We built large walls around the town, originally made of wood, but over time we reinforced them with concrete and steel.

Other towns laughed at our efforts, they said it would all blow over in a couple of weeks. They were wrong. We reminded them that it may still ‘blow over’ as they arrived at our doorstep begging for shelter. Those who we took in were made to work in the fields or face eviction from the town.

A full week after the first evacuees arrived we saw our first undead. It had chased a deer through the forest and as it stepped out from the tree line and saw one of the guards it turned and made its way toward him. At the sound of rapid gunshots we ran to his aid, finding the man gibbering in terror, cut, covered in blood and a now dead zombie at his feet with 15 bullets in it.

Our biggest mistake was not executing the guard there and then. It sounds harsh, but that mistake cost the lives of ten residents. It was also our first exposure to how quickly a zombie infection can spread, how truly dangerous it is and how overwhelming in force the response has to be.

Life is harsh, but we survive, and that is all that’s important anymore.