A Disagreeable Affectation by Tony Schaab

October 6, 2009

A second story from Tony has arrived!

Click here to read ‘A Disagreeable Affectation‘ by Tony Schaab

Authors Biography: “Tony Schaab returns with his second zombie short story, following the quirky “PaparazZombie” with an equally odd successor.  “A Disagreeable Affectation” started it’s life as a scripted scene Tony wrote for a comedy show put on by IndyProv, Indianapolis’ only independent improvised-comedy troupe; Tony altered the writing of the scene to make the tale work in short-story form.  Tony remains 31 years old.  Tony still runs his zombie-centric blog, Slight of the Living Dead, at http://slightofthelivingdead.wordpress.com, and is proud to offer short stories along with zombie movie reviews, book reviews, game reviews, and more.  Tony is contractually obligated to mention his friend and fellow short-story author Michael Sullivan in this bio.

So what the hell happened?

October 5, 2009

Let me start this off with an apology. I’m sorry.

It’s been a number of weeks since I have posted anything, including an update as to where I am and why there has been an unexplained gap in posting.

Basically I got hit with a perfect storm of ‘stuff’.

Work went crazy. I had to travel around the country, meet a bunch of people, solve a bunch of problems. I got sick, I just got better! (Huzzah!). Ontop of that I had the opportunity to start two startups (Which is one too many at the best of times!) and so they are in the process of launching.

So with all of that I lost the time and inspiration to write anything for the site, and I took the cowards way out and avoided the site, as I really did not know what to say.

Again, I’m sorry. Later on today I will post up another submitted story (Keep them coming btw 🙂 ), and then tomorrow we will resume our usual schedule.

As an aside, I have a bonus for you guys which should materialize in a month or so (Cant say any more at the moment, but trust me its pretty cool!).