Journal by Narzane

Chris sat there in his two story apartment complex Eating Ravioli out of a can and drinking the very few bottles of water he had left. He kept a journal with him to record everything he did and to just be able to get his thoughts out.

He now writes “Toronto had turned into a living nightmare when the first infected was spotted here. The news stated they had started heading north but we didn’t think it would be this fast. People tried to defend the city, they shot down at least a couple hundred zombies but they were just too much for us. They eventually broke the barricade and swarmed the city. Only a few made it further north, the rest barricaded themselves in houses or bomb shelters, or they were turned into one of those walking demons. I have been living here struggling to survive. I have learned how to do everything silently and to only go out in daylight; Zombie’s can still smell you at night. The last few times I went out for supplies I did not see any survivors. I hope they were just hiding still. Well I don’t have that much more supplies so I am heading off into the dark wasteland I once called home to get some more.” So with that he took his few weapons with him and set out to began his search.

Biography: I am a new writer from Michigan just starting to make ZS’s. I live alone. I hope to keep on making more of these and to keep on getting better and better at it! (Journal is my first story)

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6 Responses to Journal by Narzane

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  2. Narzane says:

    Messed up last sentence a little but oh well, Think you get the point =P

  3. only1rob says:

    I edited it slightly, so should be fixed now.

  4. Narzane says:


  5. Ivora says:


    Im from Toronto, and I’ll be damned if my city starts this hell. xD

  6. David Chalmers says:

    Interesting story, looking forward to hear more of your brilliant writing. good luck.

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