Twisted Time

December 11, 2010

I dont normally use the site for self promotion but the following is pretty important to me and it does have zombies, so I figured I would post it here.

Over the last year I have been working (working/obsessing, same thing right?) on an iPhone game

For those of you who havent played Magalomania from the glory days of the Amiga, its one of the first RTS games (From before C&C) and is/was pretty awesome.

In Twisted Time you build and control an army across 25 levels of changing scenery and danger and much like the game of its inspiration, you rapidly upgrade your army from sticks and stones to bows and arrows to laser Gatling guns.

We’ve created a custom control scheme that actually works for strategy games on the iDevices, and allows you to quickly allocate your forces to different areas with a quick swipe of the finger (I’m actually pretty proud of this feature, I think a lot of developers ignore the interface and don’t spend long enough making a viable solution for touch devices)

Anyways, heres the itunes site: [Twisted Time] (

Heres the (admittedly pretty basic) web page on our site: [Burnt Ideas] (

Oh one last thing, after you complete the first world you unlock an endless zombie mode 🙂


Thanks for checking it out and I promise to post some more stories soon!