A Good Idea

The wind whispered across the rooftop as a lone man stood at the edge looking down at the street ten stories below.

“Dude, you there yet?” he said into the radio duct taped to his head.

Far below him at street level his friend pressed the intercom button and whispered a “yes”. His movements were slow and careful as he moved through the storefront debris toward the broken window and the two shambling figures out on the street.

On the rooftop, the man pulled a small object from his pocket, pointed it downward and flicked a switch. On the street a bright red dot appeared, dancing across cars and around the two zombies until it had their attention. Their eyes fixated on the dot as they lurched toward it, hands grasping at the air and the beam of color as the light hit them. Suddenly and with a flick of his wrist, the light shot away from the two fixated horrors, down the street and began to dance around the large intersection.

“Alright man, we know it works, now let’s see if they stay after the light or if they want your short-straw-pulling ass!”

The man in the shop, pulled himself up and began to walk out into the street, unnoticed, until the light whisked back from the intersection, danced on his shoulders and then flicked back to the intersection to resume its dance.

The two zombies stood transfixed, staring at the man who stood with a worried look on his face in the middle of the street. With a near simultaneous moan the two lurched forward, slack jawed and eyes transfixed as the man turned to run and realized the other end of the street was blocked with several crashed vehicles and a bus.

As the two advanced, the light shone down from the rooftop, its powerful beam hitting them both in quick succession and then began to circle around them. With an odd moan the two came to a stop, looking back and forth between the beam and the near fear-frozen man in front of them. Again the beam moved away from them back to the intersection and slowly the two followed it up the street, the human distraction now forgotten.

“Ha ha! I told you it would work!” the rooftop man yelled down, forgetting the radio taped to his head “It’s going to be plain sailing from here n-“ he paused mid shout as his companion began to sprint down the street toward the barricade of cars “Where you going?” he shouted before looking up the street toward where he still pointed the laser.

“Oh crap” he mumbled, as dozens of figures poured into the intersection, grasping at the red light. He flicked the beam off and stared as the zombies milled around and watched as more walked into view and joined the crowd.

“Hey” he whispered into the radio “You need to get out of there man, this wasn’t supposed to happen”

As he watched his friend climbing onto the first car he saw him reach up and toggle his mic “You think? YOU THINK I DON’T KNOW THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?”

“Don’t shout, don’t shout, shhhhh”

It was too late. The closest zombies had looked down the street at the noise, seen the figure struggling to climb up the side of a twisted SUV and had begun to make their way toward him.

Turning mid climb the man looked back and saw the approaching wall of zombies, reached up in a desperate panic and tried to pull himself onto the top of the vehicle. With a sharp ‘Thunk’ the door came loose in his hands, dropped from his grip and landed on his foot with a bone splintering ‘Thud’.

The man on the roof looked with wide eyes as he watched the figure fall back to the street screaming. He reached up and switched the radio off before pocketing the laser and walking across the rooftop. As he looked down at the river he breathed a small sigh of relief as the screams abruptly ended and left him alone to listen to the whispering wind gliding around him.


18 Responses to A Good Idea

  1. Michael says:

    Hey, welcome back to my RSS feed, Rob!

    In the meantime, WHY THE HELL DID THE GUY ON THE ROOF TURN OFF THE LASER?!?! I hope his partner comes back as a zombie and rips him to shreds for his stupidity in a later story.

  2. Narzane says:

    Nice to see your back.

  3. Frosty says:

    I read this story when it was posted. Just now commenting so you know I have read it after making a fuss of no story for so long. 😀 It was a good addition to the site! What was this surprise?

  4. QNX says:

    Wow, glad you pointed me to this blog. keep up the good work!

  5. zombietiki says:

    just started reading your site. I really like your work. Time to head to the archives to catch up.

  6. mohammed says:

    thanks i got a level 6b i love u man
    used it for my homework and copied n paste it thanks!!!!!!!


    can u write wat its bout plz

  7. Eric says:

    Good stuff but what’s the deal with shutting off the pointer

  8. SoulPwn says:

    I think its a really cool story. Yet when are you going to right another one? Seriously? Its been like a few months. Please right one soon. Thanks.

  9. CJ says:

    You inspired me to get zombie writing. Love it.

  10. Survivalist guy says:

    I was sad when I figured out I read all the stories 😦

  11. Frosty says:

    I do not want to alarm you but…. It has been a little over a month since your last posting. And I still dont know what this surprise was supposed to end up being.

  12. Kali says:

    Your, stories are like a drug, you take a hit and spend the rest of the time thinking about the effect, situation and what would happen if.. Step up ur site tho, you have one hell of an ‘into the depths mind’

  13. breach says:

    I am as well hoping for an update soon. 🙂

  14. Jay says:

    You should carry this story, its brilliant

  15. Realy great story like how its description is realy detailed and cant wait for the next story!

  16. Zedkiller says:

    what a dumbass. Let me guess, Romeror zombies?

  17. Nice man. It dose seem like a good idea. you make me want to write zombie stuff.

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