All The Clues Were There



Backing down the alleyway the six heavily armed survivors methodically unloaded bullets into the approaching wall of zombies. Accuracy was not a concern, as long as the shot was aimed at head height a zombie almost always dropped to the floor.

Looking back, Abbey, the group’s leader saw a side door to the alley vibrating and splintering as something on the other side tried to get through. Swinging her weapon she fired a full clip into the flimsy wood. As she reloaded she called out “Mark, Anthony, get to the truck and start it up, we need to go!” Firing several last rounds each they turned and sprinted for the vehicles, Mark jumping into the cab and Anthony hopping into the flat bed. As Anthony’s shots began to fly over their heads into the approaching crowd and the roar of the trucks engine coming to life filled the air Abbey gave the order “Alright, one more clip each then run!” and with that the remaining survivors unloaded the rest of their loaded ammunition, turned and fled to the waiting vehicle.

Pulling each other onto the flat bed, they each took up positions and began to fire again, trying to hold their aim steady as Mark rammed the vehicle into gear and began to accelerate. With a sudden crash a nearby door leading to the street shattered outward and a large, dark skinned man emerged, running toward them.

With a startled scream, Abbey, the closest person to the rapidly approaching figure, pulled the trigger and sent a hail of bullets into and through the man, ripping through him, sending him crashing to the floor, clutching at his throat as blood pumped out across his hands and onto the dusty street. As the truck picked up speed Abbey watched as the man, now on his knees, was enveloped in dust from the truck. For a minute there was silence, broken only by the sound of the trucks suspension creaking as they drove.

Finally, Anthony looked up at Abbey “Zombies don’t run Boss” he said.


8 Responses to All The Clues Were There

  1. Ivora says:

    Aww! Thats so sad!

    Im sure she was just startled, but it makes you think if she was infact a racist. )=

  2. chancemuse says:

    Why have the stories stopped?

  3. Frosty says:

    I have been wondering that myself. I have really enjoyed reading the stories on this site.

  4. hhj says:

    that was really stupid

  5. Eric says:

    I like the darkness of this but this story should continue…. I don’t think it’s finished

  6. Kali says:

    Damn, the quick decisions people make in a time of fear mixed with adrenalin, she probably realised that she killed a human being but with all the chaos around, its left to a statistic. Maybe fall into a 10 second of silence 4 him and hope he doesnt die(and rise) with much pain, just another soul taken. But hes dead nw, thy are not, so survival has to take effect like clockwork

  7. andy says:

    that short story was good, i was expecting the guy running after the truck to be a boss zombie like you see on games but i liked the end, i was not expecting it, i only came across this site by randomly searching zombie stories, something about zombies and the whole survival, i love it, keep em comming 😀

  8. Zedkiller says:

    in the throat! ha ha nice! still, that is one less human to help with the resistance. Wonder if it was Louis?

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