PaparazZombie! by Tony Schaab

A new zombie story from the community is here! (Also my posting will be getting back on schedule very soon, last week was v. busy 😦   )

Click here to read ‘PaparazZombie!‘ by Tony Schaab

Tony‘s Biography: Tony Schaab is your average 31-year-old guy, who shivers every time he hears that number, currently living in Indianapolis with his wife and dog.  He has often been described as a “jack of all trades, and master of none.”  In addition to writing in his free time, Tony works full-time as an college Admissions Counselor, works part-time as a private-event DJ, volunteers weekly at his local Humane Society, and is Troupe Manager of IndyProv, Indianapolis’ only independent improvisational comedy troupe.  Tony has a special affinity for the undead in his writings, his readings, and his viewings; his blog, “Slight of the Living Dead,” is a unique and well-read zombie movie/novel/TV series review website.  Contrary to popular belief (and possible public slander), Tony does thank his friends quite often, except for Michael Sullivan, who went to college with Tony for three years and never once had a zombie-centric conversation with him.


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