Drive By Savior

Deserted Country Road

Stumbling over the road barrier, the zombie held its gaze on the young woman as it crashed down to the hard concrete, pulled itself up to its knees and continued to incessantly move toward her. The woman looked around madly, trying to find a weapon within arm’s reach, but all she could find on her side of the road was tarmac and dirt. As the zombie moved into the median, torn skin hanging from its bare chest she caught glimpses of the shattered and torn leg that was hampering its speed.

Letting out a grunting moan the creature pushed itself to its feet, compacting the shattered bone of its upper calf into the almost severed foot. Somehow the foot stayed in place and the zombie lurched forward, bobbing up and down as it stomped down on the now shortened leg with sickening bone crunching sounds.

The woman pulled herself back, yanking on a tuft of grass, dragging her own bloodied and useless leg behind her in a last desperate attempt to escape the certainty that she knew was coming. She looked up as the creatures shadow fell across her, having crossed the final lane and stepping onto the side of the road where she lay, looming over her and blotting out the sun.

As it reached a hand out toward her face, a loud engine roar shattered the still air and caused the two of them  to look up at the oncoming vehicle that was barreling down the road toward them.

Blinking through tears she saw the vehicle approaching, and watched as the man lean out of the window. With a sudden ‘THUNK’ he screamed in triumph as he connected the baseball bat in his outstretched arms to the zombies head, shattering it and sending everything from the nose up out across the bordering field. With a quiver the zombie fell to the floor, dark blood leaking from its missing skullcap.

The woman lay there shaking, as she watched the vehicle drive into the distance and the man, still leaning out the window shout “WooooooooooooooHHOOOooOoooooooo”.


4 Responses to Drive By Savior

  1. Third Coast Zed says:

    heh. That’s funny in a white trash kinda way. Reminds me of my youth, if you substitute mail boxes for zombies….

  2. Ivora says:

    Still, it seems like they drove off. Just leaving her there.

    …and with that bum leg, shes practically screwed.

  3. rusty shackleferd says:

    yeeeehaaa thats how them good ol’ boys do it, but they did just leave the her there..which is kinda funny in a sadistic way, but maybe they went and picked her up later?

  4. HighTek says:

    of’course they did 😉

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