An Unfortunate Opportunity

Forest Clearing

“Come on!”

Running through the woods the two females sprinted onward, tree branches slapping at their faces and arms as they fled their pursuers. Behind them two figures pushed their way through the underbrush, undeterred by the sharp plants dragging at their clothes and skin.

Breaking free of the heavy bushes and trees the two burst into a clearing and, breathing heavily, ran toward the other side. Half way across the clearing their pursuers exploded out of the tree line with a roar. Startled the leading female turned at the sound, missed her footing and stumbled forward, landing hard on several planks of wood which in turn, and with a sharp crack gave way from the force. The second female screamed and threw herself sideways as her partner disappeared into the concealed well shaft and hit the water with a distant splash.

Turning to face the two advancing zombies she could see the damage wrought by the forest as they had tried to catch her. Their faces had been torn in numerous places, one was missing an ear while the other, sporting a mass of cuts across the right side of its face was missing its upper lip. The two zombies advanced toward the girl who maneuvered around the edge of the well, placing the dark hole between them and her. As they approached she kicked out at the remaining boards, snapping the rotted wood and sending the pieces raining down on her companion far below her, who began to scream as she realized both where she was and at the debris raining down around her. As the first zombie approached the edge of the hole, it reached out, blindly stepping forward and promptly disappeared from view as it fell into the well. The second one followed the first, its legs still walking and its eyes fixated on the rapidly receding female above him as it disappeared down the shaft.

The remaining woman fell to the ground, tears flowing from her eyes as she pressed her hands against her ears and tried to block out the echoing screams and splashes from below her. For several minutes she sat there, gently rocking back and forth until the noises subsided and all she could hear was the occasional splash of something moving in the water. She stood up, whispered a prayer, turned and made her way deeper into the forest.


3 Responses to An Unfortunate Opportunity

  1. Michael says:

    It’s like the punchline of that old joke. “I don’t have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun *you*”

  2. Ivora says:

    LOL! That saying couldn’t be more true in this situation.

    In all honesty, I probably would’nt have even prayed if I was in that scenario.


  3. rusty shackleferd says:

    dang sucks for that other girl…i wouldnt have stopped to listen to her scream though, shoulda kept on goin

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