Sheeple Of The Dead

Dusty Road

“Sooo, you herd them like cattle?”

“Not like cattle no, more like…” He looked up thoughtfully “Sheep, I guess… I mean really dangerous sheep” He saw the expression in the strangers eye “It’s OK though, they just roam around the metal enclosure, they can’t get out”

“Really? Because I’ve seen these … creatures” he spat the word “tear apart buildings so that they can tear apart the family inside. I’ve seen them tear apart women and children! And you’re keeping them safe because you knew what they once were. Trust me, they aren’t what you think they were anymore, they will kill you and then you will join them”

“Well stranger, that’s why I reinforced the walls with concrete, they can’t get out! Don’t you think I thought of that?”

“And why not just kill them”

“Kill them? But I grew up with them, they’re my friends, some are my family. That,.. That would be murder!” stammered the man.

The stranger shook his head, and without another word, climbed his horse and set off out of the small town and away from the disaster that he knew awaited the few remaining townsfolk.


3 Responses to Sheeple Of The Dead

  1. Third Coast Zed says:

    herd. heard. Makes that opening sentence mean two differing things. Nice story otherwise, sorry to quibble.

  2. only1rob says:


    Fixed, thanks!

  3. Trob321 says:

    Hey man great job, the only problem i have with them is,, Some are too short, lol you keep leaving me wanting more, other than that great job man keep it up!

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