Something Freaky

Old Tree

“Wanna see something freaky?”

“Sure” said Harry, lowering his shotgun.

Arnold twisted the grenade cap and gently threw it to the ground ahead of the oncoming zombie. With a dull thump it detonated in a cloud of smoke and dirt.

Harry tilted his head and leaned back against a nearby tree “I’ve seen crawlers before” he said, as out of the smoke crawled the zombie, minus legs and lower midsection.

“Well watch this” said Arnold as he walked over to the zombie dragging itself toward them. He danced over its outstretched hand, stood behind it and leaned over the creatures back, waving his hand in its face.

With a snarl the creature reared up, gnashing its teeth as it desperately tried to bite down on Arnold’s hand. Arnold in turn raised his hand up while the creature pushed itself upward, until finally it was sitting upright, balancing on its hands, leaving its torso hovering above the ground.

“Huh, would you look at that!” exclaimed Harry “That is kinda freaky”

At the sound of Harry’s voice the creature fixed its eyes on Harry and in a quick smooth movement Arnold pulled his hand back out of the creature’s vision. Fixated on Harry, the creature rocked to the side lifted one hand and swung its weight forward. Harry’s eyes went wide as the creature began to walk on its hands toward him, trailing blood and letting out a low growl.

“Holy cow! That’s freaky!” and with that he leveled his shotgun, pulled the trigger and fired a heavy slug through the creatures head.

“I told ya” said Arnold.


3 Responses to Something Freaky

  1. biddie says:

    Nice…That was freaky 🙂

  2. jack says:

    yeah, was pretty freaky.

  3. yayabffzaza says:

    nice lil’ story

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