The Ammo Situation

Abandoned Big Box Store

Sprinting toward the abandoned store the man let out a short scream and threw his shoulder one last time against the closed security gate and with a metallic wrench, the restraining rail gave way. Grabbing the edge of the gate he looked over his shoulder and screamed at his companion to get inside and pulled upward to make the hole as wide as possible while the other man squeezed though. Then as his pursuers rapidly closed in, he pulled himself through the gap and into the giant abandoned store.

“Alright Hardy, lets get back to the ammo counter and put the hurting on these bastards!” he shouted as he began to walk past the dust covered checkouts.

“Ahh Toby, man, I would keep your voice down, I don’t think it’s just us in here”.


“Crap, yeah! over there” he said as bloated zombie rounded a distant aisle to see the source of the noise for itself. Its clothes were covered in blood and its jaw was missing, but through the torn flesh it let out a loud groan that echoed down the dark isles. Almost immediately there was a returning groan from down a nearby isle, followed by another deeper in the store. Quickly the air filled with the sound of groaning zombies, shuffling feet and now a hammering on the security gate as the zombies outside began trying to force their way in.

Toby swore. “Just run Hardy, just RUN!”

The two broke into a run, sprinting into the dark isles toward the back of the store. As they dodged away from the shambling undead emerging from other isles, they swung to the right as they approached the stores rear wall. Toby was squinting to read the signage as they shot past each isle “Baby, toddler, shoes… electronics… dvd’s, TV’s… toys, pool supplies…. bikes, fitness gear, sporting goods, oh thank god, ammo! Almost there man!” He swung left at the next isle, smashing the butt of his pistol into the face of a zombie that was lunging toward him, knocking it to the ground, before taking a flying leap over the counter, hammering his fist into the zombie-clerks face, leveling the pistol and firing his last round into its head.

As the creature crumpled to the floor he looked up at the ammo case “Its intact, no one’s been here, what you gonna need?”

Hardy peered back into the darkness at the dozens of shambling shapes coming toward them from all directions “9mill man, same as you, hurry up!”

“I am, I am. OK 9mill, where you at?” He ran his hands down the glass, peering in the low light at the stacked boxes. “Uhhh, not good”.


“Uhh, I think they sold out of 9mill.”

Hardy looked back at the case and then at his friend “Seriously? Man were screwed if there’s none left, how are we going to get back outside?”

Toby pursed his lips and thought, before finally smiling, stepping over the motionless zombie-clerk and striding toward the golf club stand. “Here” he said, “Let’s play some crazy golf”


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