To Hunt A Pursuit

barren forest

The three men, dressed in dark brown and all sporting thick beards, finished loading the guns and packing ammo into the bags they carried. The activity within the large wooden cabin had slowed to a halt as the three finished preparing for the coming days ahead.

A thin woman moved out of the kitchen, three bags packed full of dried fruits, nuts and jerky in her hands. She gave a bag to each and hugged the larger of the three.

“You look after these two Jake, please” she whispered in his ear.

With a gruff kiss to her forehead he picked up his bag and moved to the door. He looked back, smiled at the worried expressions on the resident’s faces and lead the two outside.

Striding through the cold morning air he looked around at the near completely melted snow, at the occasional green sprout pushing its way up after a long hard winter and thought about the task ahead. Hopefully the snows had killed them all, if not, as he feared, then they would have begun to unfreeze and soon, they would be headed their way.

The three walked through the thick forest for several days until finally they came to a small rise. Cresting it they stopped and looked out at the field in front of them, at the large cliff face to their right where the snow and rock had fallen trapping their pursuers long enough for the deep cold of winter to work its way into their bodies and stop them solid.

Now though the field was empty. All that remained were some large boulders, several crushed frost bitten bodies and footprints, tens of thousands of footprints. Tracks led away from the field in every direction, some were fresh others much older.

The three men looked down at the churned up field and the magnitude of their task dawned on them. Cocking his shotgun Jake pulled some salted meat from his bag and began to chew with grim determination.

“Lets go hunting” he said, and with that strode back into the forest in pursuit of his prey.


4 Responses to To Hunt A Pursuit

  1. Ivora says:

    Wherever they are, its not cold enough anymore. I would move up as north as possible.

    Where winter is the norm.

    Nice but somewhat dull story though.

  2. Lynda says:

    This is written really well, although it feels more like an introduction into a short story than a short story itself. It has a lot of potential in it because most zombie stories aren’t based in snowy areas.

  3. Grant says:

    hey nicely written, i was wondering if i could show u something i was working on

  4. only1rob says:

    Sure thing

    I sent you an email to your site registered address. Let me know if you get it, if not leave a message here and I can send it from a different address.

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