Into the North

Apple Pip

This far north they were safe.

The walking dead were not immune from freezing it seemed, they had been pursued for close to a month, but now with the freezing ground beneath their feet, their pursuers had disappeared far behind them.

The group had stopped at a deserted farm house in the middle of a large empty valley, with no human contact as far as the eye could see, they finally felt safe. Despite being from the inner city, they had adapted to life in the country side. They had learned how to make fire and had scavenged preserved food from stores and homes as they fled north.

Now in this beautiful safe haven, they could grow their own food and live in safety. The group had enough supplies to last them for a month or two and now that they had planted the orange pips and apple seeds they could live off the land until the end of their days


2 Responses to Into the North

  1. Jess says:

    This was very good, created strong imagery.

    Yet I do think this would work better as an ending to a larger piece, this is because I am sat wondering about the group – how many survivors are there? in what condition is their health? what happened to them and how long as it taken them to get to this desserted place?

    Unless this is a follow on of earlier stuff that I haven’t seen. :]


  2. only1rob says:

    Thanks I’m glad you liked it!

    It doesn’t continue on from any other story in particular, although everything here fits into a very large story arc 🙂

    I think for me and perhaps I did not highlight this enough, is the (darkly) amusing idea, of a group of survivors traveling north away from the their cities and previously comfortable lives and trying to live off the earth with just a few orange and apple seeds (Both of which require years to mature and in the case of the orange trees, much hotter weather).


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