Sky High Choices

Jet Plane

“This doesn’t look good Dave”

The captain banked the plane and looked down at the airport far below them “No movement, no radio contact and pretty much no fuel. Any ideas?”

“Actually yes” Said Dave, turning from the safety locker “I have my jump gear and now I’m going to take my exit”

The captain blinked “You’re kidding?”

“No, no im not. It sounds like the whole world has gone to hell down there. Air traffic control is not responding, and quite honestly even if they did, they couldn’t clear some landing space in time, so yes I think I’m going to take my chances and jump.”

The captain reached down and slowly unbuckled his belt straps “I can’t let you do that Dave”

Dave smiled “I thought you might say that” and swiftly raised the planes emergency pistol and fired two rounds into the man’s chest. He watched as the captain writhed briefly and then fell back limp. Reaching over he flicked the auto pilot off and leveled the plane out before locking the flight stick in place and deactivating the safety alarms and locks for the plane. Finally he swung the parachute over his arms and clipped it into place.

Opening the door he stepped out into the main cabin, pushing his way past a worried looking flight attendant and closing the door behind him before she could look through. He made his way to the door, turned to the flight attendant and asked “Mary, be a dear and go get me a bottle of water would you?” She gave a brief, if somewhat worried nod of her head and moved away back into the plane.

The co-pilot remained at the door, waiting for the flight attendant to return, gladly taking the bottle and gulping its contents down upon her arrival. Standing silently the co-pilot waited, motionless, only moving his head with a shake when a flight attendant asked him a question.

With a jolt the engines began to sputter and die as the remnants of the fuel began to burn up.

“What’s happening Sir?” asked an attendant”

To which Dave replied “Were slowing down”

“But were not descending”

“We will soon” he said, grasping the doors handle to steady himself as the plane began to lose speed and altitude.

“And now my dear, I bid you farewell” he said as he wrenched the security lock up and began to twist the doors giant handle. With a sudden bang and burst of pressurized air the door blew open and Dave was ejected out into the clear blue sky.

Opening his parachute he looked around him and spotted the plane beginning to curve into a steep dive as the lack of forward thrust reduced the natural lift of the wings. Looking down Dave could see figures heading toward his landing site. He hoped they were friendly.


4 Responses to Sky High Choices

  1. Ivora says:

    LOL! Wtf? Not bad. Not bad at all. But your stories are often like a modern day zombie flick. You know, the ones where idiots are killed off? Its startling how much you only focus on weak, and outrageously retarded characters. In short? Little bit of realism wouldn’t kill you.

  2. only1rob says:

    Interesting observation.

    I guess simple characters are easier to write about in shorter stories. Especially in creating some of the more ‘interesting’ situations, real characters would present a problem as the logical conclusion of such an event would be no where near as interesting 🙂

    But your point is well taken, you can only scream at the character to not go into the abandoned house on their own so many times before the film gets boring.


  3. Ivora says:

    LMAO! xD

    That last little paragraph sums up my point quite nicely.

    I suppose its true, that such short stories are only going to raise an eyebrow of interest if its about some redneck realizing his wasted all his ammo and is surrounded by a hoard.

    Have you tried a more in depth approaches? Or… you know…. longer stories?

    Kudos to what you’ve done so far.

  4. only1rob says:

    I have a few longer stories floating around, finding the time to flesh them out is the real killer though. Looking over them though, they are more realistic, whether thats through the choice of story or through it being longer is hard to tell, although my guess would be the latter.

    All of the stories so far, and the others that are still yet to come, fit into a very, very large story arc.
    Initially there was no overarching story, now there is, how much of it people can see at the moment is hard to tell, mainly because I know both which events are part of the story, which are incidental and what is to come.

    I’m not sure how overly realistic this story arc will turn out to be, overall probably pretty close to reality, but when viewed up close I’m sure the absurd will be painfully obvious to see 🙂

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