Paddle Gently

Old Row Boat

The boat slipped quietly through the water. Up ahead Suzan could see another body, face down, bobbing gently as the deep, slow flowing river pulled it along. Cursing under her breath she paddled slowly toward the figure. As she approached she tried to slow the boat, digging her single oar into the water. Gently the boat approached and then nudged the prone figure. Jerking the figure began to flail out, throwing up sheets of water and hooking an arm across the small boats prow.

Letting out a short scream Suzan swung the oar, cracking the pallid, wrinkled, exposed forearm of the zombie and shattering the bone beneath. With a spluttering groan the zombie pulled upward, hooking its chin on the side and fixing its dark eyes on the boats occupant.

With another yell Suzan rammed the oar into the creature’s mouth, pushing it back and away from the boat. As it struggled she pushed down, forcing the creatures head below the water line and smiled as the water rushed into it’s wedged open mouth, filling its lungs and bloated stomach.

As the zombie lost its buoyancy it began to slip down away from the boat and with it, dragged the oar, wedged between its teeth, out from Suzan’s hands and down toward the river bed with it.

Sitting back she looked at the splinters protruding from her hands and looking around the empty boat, realized she was now at the mercy of the currents.

“Damn it”


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