Covering All Your Bases


Driving the six foot spike down into the earth Marlene stood up slowly and wiped the sweat from her brow. Looking around the field she smiled at the hundreds of metal spikes jutting from the earth, angled forward and providing the perfect defense from any number of wandering dead.

Groaning from the strain of planting all the spikes she made her way back to her small house with its adjacent vegetable garden and natural shade from the nearby forest. As she approached the building a figure slowly emerged from the tree line. Marlene stopped and stared as the pale grey undead stumbled into the clearing, bloodied flesh hanging loosely around a giant hole ripped into its side. As the undead walked toward her, Marlene looked past it and saw dozens more pushing their way through the trees toward her. She looked back at the spikes covering the field and realized, too late, that she had only planned for stopping them from coming in, not what to do once they were here.


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