Shakespeare and Some Monkeys

Abandoned Hallway

The two men walked down the dark, cavernous hallway, flashlight beams lancing out ahead, dragging a large metal box between the two of them.

“You know that phrase? The one about a hundred monkeys?” asked the first

The second man frowned “You mean a million monkeys? Give them typewriters and they’ll eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare?”

“Yeah that’s the” Before he could finish the sentence a figure lurched out of the darkness toward them. Without hesitation the man leveled his shotgun at the zombies head and pulled the trigger. As the boom faded away he completed his sentence “One”.

“What about it?”

“Well, what would happen if you gave a million zombies typewriters? You think they would produce the complete works of Shakespeare?”

In the distance they could hear deep drawn out moans as the undead began to move toward the sound of the shotgun.

“I think they would eat Shakespeare”

Pulling a box of shells from his pocket the second man, began to reload his own shotgun. As he raised it to his shoulder he finished the conversation “Now shut up, concentrate and start killing zombies, if you get eaten I’m going to have to drag the damn box out of here on my own.”


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