Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter Sign

Sunday, day 2

Made it into the bunker! Had to fight our way through a small band of the dead, but we managed to get into the this old fallout shelter and seal the doors. Finally all 25 of us are safe until this all blows over. I sustained a minor cut to my arm from the break-in fight, its nothing though, not compared to Joey, damn they messed him up really bad.

Tuesday, day 4

Well I guess were not alone here, an exploration squad was down in the basement areas when they heard banging and moans from down there. That gives me the creeps, but they said they locked, bolted and barricaded the door so I’m sure were safe.

Tuesday, day 4, Evening

Soo tired, we spent the whole day hauling stuff around, barricading the lower doors and the entrances, I think we all got a little paranoid and just went nuts blocking all the doors. My muscles ache from all the lifting and the cut on my arm is itching like crazy.

Thursday, day 6

I am still tired from Tuesday, I guess the adrenalin, my beer gut and the lifting had a heavy toll on me. I think being cooped up like this is affecting me. Ive noticed I seen to drool a lot now and daydreaming,  i’ll just be standing around in my own little world until someone asks me to help out. I’m not even sure what I think about. Weird.

The food tastes like ash too, I could kill for a nice steak right now. The cut on my arm is looking a little Grey, it might be the light though.

Friday, day

I tired. Su tird. The others shouted as me day. Not sure why, I hunger still. The cut is fine now, both arms grey, so that’s ok.

Day day

Keep shaking. Cant stoop drowling. So tired so hungry. Must slep now

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One Response to Fallout Shelter

  1. third coast zed says:

    nice. saw it commin’, but nice.

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