Clear The House First

Old Axe

Swinging the axe high over head she slammed it home, deep through the zombies collar bone and down into it chest. It stumbled backward from the blow, tripping and smashing through the remaining stairs and dragging the axe back with it. Stepping back Marie breathed a sigh of relief as the next zombie tried to reach her and failed as its incomprehension to climb the shattered stairs resulted in it falling backward, knocking the next zombie in line to the ground.

As the stricken zombie tried to climb back to its feet Marie tried to grab the weapons haft as it weaved around the stairwell. Failing to grab the weapon, she turned away from the stairs and gasped in shock as the landing door opened and a large dull skinned zombie sporting a full set of gold teeth pushed its way through the doorway and reached out for her. She tried to slap its outreached hands away, failed to block its advance and was shouldered back from the landing and down onto the axe stricken zombie below.

Marie gasped as she landed hard on her back and pain flooded through her. Looking down she saw the axe haft protruding up through her stomach, covered in blood and saw more welling from the wound, rapidly spilling to the ground. She struggled to rise as the pain shot through her. Looking up she cried out in pain as the zombie beneath her began to bite into her back, tearing at her flesh as the large zombie from the landing above launched itself down on her.

The wooden haft smashed into and through the creatures ribcage and caught on its spine, suspending the zombie a foot above Marie who began to punch the creature face in final desperation. Slowly the weight of the zombie forced it down, pushing the haft through its back and with a tear, the shirt pulled tight across its skin ripped apart. With a dull thud the zombie fell forward, crushing Marie below it. The last thing she saw before her world exploded in pain was the zombies gold front teeth gnashing down toward her nose.


3 Responses to Clear The House First

  1. Lisa says:

    I will never think of gold teeth the same way.

  2. Matt says:

    Hm. There’s nothing like the vivid imagery of a nose being chewed off a woman’s face to make you feel hopeful about a rainy day.

  3. only1rob says:

    mmmm gristle…

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