Mission “Glass in the bottom of their feet”

Old Light Bulb

Reaching up in the darkness, the figure unscrewed an old light bulb, covered it with his jacket and squeezed. He turned as it popped and scattered the broken glass across the stairwell landing.

“What on earth are you doing?” asked the second figure.

“It’s something I saw in a movie, you sprinkle the broken glass across the floor and, in this case, when a zombie walks through it, we’ll know and be able to hear it moving around,. You know, ‘cos the glass will be stuck in its feet.” The first figure whispered back while shaking the remaining glass out of his jacket.

“I see. And what, prey tell, do we do if there’s a zombie on the other side of this door?”

“Dunno, but that’s why you’re going in first Johnny, short straw and all that”

Johnny turned back to the door with a scowl, twisted the handle and quietly crept into the darkness beyond.


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