Dave and Davey Jones


The two scientists, white lab coats on and clip boards in hand, stood outside the large metal door and peered through the thin viewport.

“Can you see him?” said the first, trying to get a good view of the ground.

The second tapped the glass “Daaave, you ok?”

With a lurch, a grey, green face missing an eye and onlyhalf its jaw, threw itself at the small pane of glass. The two scientist smiled and made check marks on their boards.

“100MPa! Very good, well it would appear that they can survive the pressure” said the first scientist.

“Indeed, hopefully the control harness and the camera can survive the same”

“It should, as long as they don’t get slammed into anything, we should be able to get a good view of the local wildlife at the bottom of the Trench”

“OK, lets get Dave wired up and test the transmitters”

The first scientist tapped on the glass again “You hear that Dave, your going swimming to the bottom of the sea! What fun eh?!”


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