It’s Dark Down Here

Old Well

Lungs burning Danny swam to the surface and with one final push broke through. Heaving great gulps of air, he looked around, grasping at the vertical well walls. The smooth stone was slick and offered no hand holds and the limited light filtering down from the night sky far, far over his head showed nothing else to grab onto.

“Help!” he yelled out, his voice echoing up the wells shaft and out into the still, night air “Is anyone there? Help! Im in the well, HELP!!!” desperation began to creep into his voice as the cold water began to sap his strength.

Time passed, minutes felt like hours, as Danny waited, lying back, staying buoyant, shouting out and trying to stave off the waves of shivers as his strength began to fade. He looked up as a shadow fell across the water. High above him he could make out a figure peering down into the well.

“Hey, HEY, Help me, im down here! Get a ladder or a rope … holy fu” Before he could finish, the figure had hurled itself into the well, bouncing from the walls and missing Danny by mere inches. It struggled against the water, trying to reach out toward Danny, who in the pale moonlight had seen its face, with torn lips, cheek and missing eye. He screamed and lashed out at the rapidly sinking undead, until finally it slipped below the water line.

Danny began to panic, pulling his feet up and away from the creature now below him, envisioning cold hands reaching up to pull him under. He screamed and immediately stopped as he looked up and saw more figures crowded around the well looking down at him, their soft moans drifting down to his ears.

He pressed himself against the wall as they began to throw themselves into the shaft, bodies slamming against the walls and into the water, churning the surface as they tried to reach him before they sank into the depths.

Danny, swimming as close to the wall as he could get, screamed. The last one dragged its fingers down his back, ripping his shirt and scraping long cuts into his flesh, but as it too sank downward, Danny could not stop panicking. He could feel the water churning below him as the dozen zombies flailed around. Eddies of water buffeting his legs as he imagined the hands reaching up to pull him under.

He started to cough as a splash of water filled his nose and his chest began to feel tight. Trying to control his breathing, he felt the pain running down his left arm and the stabbing pain through his chest increase. Bursts of light exploded across his vision as his heart began to convulse from the extreme panic and bitter cold.

Shaking he tried to kick out, tried to stay afloat, but the heart attack sapped his strength and he began to sink. As the water closed over his head he let the last of the air go, watching the bubbles float upward as he slipped into the darkness and its silent embrace.


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