Two Simple Rules

Artillery Shell

“They’re right outside man! I’m freaking out!” he screamed as he rushed through the door, slamming it behind him and wedging a chair under the door handle.

The room the two had bolted into was much the same as any other in this devastated city, smashed glass and furniture was strewn across the room, glinting in the sunlight shining through the hole in the roof.

“Man, what the hell are we gonna do, what the HELL ARE WE GONN D…” He stopped shouting and stared at the object in his friend hands. “What’s that?”

“This is a freaking artillery shell man” the other said as he hefted the giant shell from its crater on the ground “Its crazy heavy man, give me a hand with it”

Backing away, zombie horde now forgotten the first shook his head “No way man, that thing could go off at any moment, im not screwing around with that, we cou…” he was cut off as the door was smashed inward and two pallid undead pushed their way in, lunging for the exposed back of the shell carrier. As they grabbed his shirt he shrieked and dropped the shell.

Several blocks away a small group of survivors who had been watching the two as they ran into the building followed by several of the undead, ducked for cover as the building blew outward, smoke and flame roared out as shrapnel cutting into the pavement and shattering windows in the large building across the street. As the rumbling roar of the explosion died away the leader picked himself up “Poor bastards, they must have kicked an unexploded bomb from the bombardments a few months ago”.

The others got up from where they lay and brushed the dirt and dust away “OK guys, that’s six less we have to worry about, remember, stay away from anything bomb like and don’t, whatever you do, panic and run into a building, it’ll be the death of you”


One Response to Two Simple Rules

  1. Yourboyblue says:

    Love the stories brother!
    Thanks for the biggups on my site. Again, this is exactly why idiots in your survival group should not carry the explosive ordanance!

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