abandoned office

Tearing down the corridor, he threw his shoulder against the upcoming door, splintering it from its hinges and launching it into the room. The fire was thick here too, spreading through the building at a rapid pace, unchecked and fueled by the dry stacks of paper scattered through the large deserted office building.

He looked around through tear filled eyes as another wave of smoke temporarily blinded him. Dropping to the floor he sucked in another deep breath and crawled across the room toward the next door. This one was unlocked and he crawled through breathing deeply in the relatively smoke free connecting corridor he now found himself in.

The smoke had burned his throat, but he fought against the pain and called out “Maggie?, Maggie?!” before collapsing to the floor in a wracking coughing fit. Regaining his breath he pushed himself to his feet and rushed to the next door, pushing the door open and immediately tripping over a prone figure on the floor.

Hitting the ground hard he rolled over and saw the figures distinctive long brown hair. He reached out, true tears in his eyes now “Maggie?” At the sound of her name the figure sat up and looked at him. He gasped and tried to push himself away, as she looked at him through one good eye, the other hung down on her cheek, torn out by whatever had tore her throat and right forearm away from her.

She grabbed his shirt, dragging him close and ramming her severed arm into his stomach. He groaned as he felt her shattered bones pierce his skin. “Maggie, Maggie, no” He pleaded, but as the fire began to sweep into the room she reached out and dug her fingers deep into his throat and with unnatural strength tore the flesh free. He struggled but it didn’t matter, the last thing he saw was his blood spraying gently across the room, hissing in the rising flames.


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