Pareto Concept


“The Pareto Concept” explained Harvey, as he reloaded the rifle and took careful aim “is that eighty percent of something, comes from only twenty percent of something else.”

“For example” he said as he squeezed the trigger and dispatched a distant zombie wading through the river “before the world went to hell, eighty percent of my envelope business came from only twenty percent of my customers”.

Mike looked over his gunstock across at Harvey and raised an eyebrow “Really? That’s a lot”

“I know, it’s weird, the Pareto Concept is more of an observation and generalization, but it just seems to happen, like how some things seem to happen in groups of three, there’s a lot of eighty, twenty coincidences, even now”

Mike laid his gun down and sat up to stretch “Even now? Even with civilization gone and business basically stopped, you still see this Parto Concept?”

“Pareto” corrected Harvey “and yes I do, because it applies to more than just business. Example, twenty percent of the roaming zombie population, causes eighty percent of the crop damage around here. Or, twenty percent of the survivors we know are accountable for eighty percent of the new village building construction.”

Mike looked thoughtful, and after a moment nodded his head and smiled “Well fancy that, I guess that’s why twenty percent of the undead chicks are hot and the other eighty percent are fat!”

Harvey blinked and rubbed his eyes “No. No that’s really not right, in fact that’s pretty wrong”

Mike shrugged “I dunno Harvey, some of those ex-goth chicks are pretty rocking, in fact I saw three hot ones last Tuesday, kind of like that group of three thing you just mentioned”

Harvey sighed, dropped his face into the grass and began to rub his temples.


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