Airport Terminal

Airport terminal

The airport departure lounge was quiet. The passengers huddled together in small groups, talking in hushed tones, while the TV’s were muted but still tuned to the news stations as they showed scene after scene of civilizations collapse.

As they sat there under the watchful eyes of the armed guards a PA announcement cut through the near silence “All level 2 response teams report to the Departure Short Term Parking”. With that several guards moved quickly though the terminal and away from the passengers.

With a low roar a large 747 landed heavily on the long empty runway and began to taxi slowly toward the terminal. As it turned off of the end of the runway into a taxi lane the gate agent picked up the phone and dialed a number. After a brief moment listening to the phone, she set it down, called over the other ticket agent and they both walked away from the desk and through a side door.

Again the PA system kicked in “All armed personnel report to the Departure Short Term Parking. All armed personnel report to the Departure Short Term Parking immediately!” The remaining guards looked at each other, and sensing the panic that had crept into the announcer’s voice toward the end of the announcement, they ran toward the parking deck.

As the guards ran off into the terminal the passengers looked nervously out into the empty terminal and across the runway where the 747 was still making its way toward them. Those who strained their ears could make out the occasional ‘pop’ sound of distant gunfire as it echoed down the empty halls.

After several nerve wracking minutes, in which all the passengers could hear the distinctive sound of gunfire drawing closer and the occasional drawn out scream, the PA system cut in “Oh God! They’re everywhere! If you can hear me, please, please, come to the announcement booth, their right outside the door. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” Suddenly the sound of smashing glass and splintering wood screeched out over the PA “NOOO, Help me, HELP ME!” The announcer, still screaming began to fade as he moved away from the mike “You bastards! Stop, Sto…” he was suddenly cut off as the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground filled the speakers. As they listened, the passengers could hear the announcer as he choked, until finally silence. Then a low moan issued out over the PA.

“OK everyone, we need to get on the plane, it’s almost here!” A passenger had stood up, visibly shaken from what he had just heard, but now, more than ever, determined to get on the plane. “Everyone, get in line, take only what you need, we need to get on this thing as soon as we can, if you have a large bag, leave it”.

People began to form a line at the gate, taking a few supplies from their bags and peering out at the runway as the plane drew closer.

“Hey, the guards are coming back, it’s ok guys, I think they’ve taken care of it!” a passenger called out, as several guards rounded the distant corner of the connecting terminal.

“Uhh, no. I don’t think they did sort it out” another passenger commented as more figure rounded the corner. Looking at the oncoming group they could see the blood across their clothes, and the shambling steps they took toward them.

The first passenger tried to reassure the now panicking group “Look the planes almost here, as long as we board fast were going to be safe, look you can even see the captain waving at us…” As the passengers watched they could see into the plane’s cockpit, where the two pilots were not at the controls, but were pressed up against the door. Suddenly they were thrown away from it and two figures lurched in, the first bloomed with blood as the captain unloaded the cockpit pistol into its chest. Without stopping, the figure reached out, grasped the captain’s throat and pulled. Blood sprayed out across the cabin as the Captain tried to staunch the flow, covering instruments and then the cockpit windows as he spun and fell to the ground.

Several passengers cried out as the scene was obscured and the entire line of people began to move away from the oncoming aircraft. Turning they found the zombies were almost in the departures lounge having sped up their slow lurching when they saw the group. The passengers ran toward the middle of the room, sheer panic taking over. Several ran to the side door but found it locked from the other side and as they turned to see the first zombies reach out toward the group, the plane hit the terminal.

The screech of tearing metal filled the air as the unchecked plane ripped through the wall, shattering glass windows and throwing passengers and zombies against each. Even as they were crushed into walls and support pillars the zombies reached out for the passengers, tearing at their flesh as the passengers screamed out, now crushed against the very things they were supposed to be fleeing from. As the plane’s wings barreled into the terminal the remaining fuel detonated, roaring flame filled the entire terminal, incinerating zombies and passengers alike.

The fire raged for days, burning most of the terminal out and collapsing the connecting bridges to the central building. As the fires roar began to die out the low guttural moans took over, echoing across the deserted airport PA system until finally the backup generators ran out of fuel, and with a final static hiss, they faded to silence.


4 Responses to Airport Terminal

  1. soraw says:

    I love it
    i can really imagine whats going on in there

  2. HighTek says:

    Truly one of my favorites. 🙂

  3. Mikey says:

    Nice 🙂 gave me chills

  4. Ignacio says:

    great story. But what got me was when the pilots were pressed up against the cockpit door, and the zombies just break it open. Cocpit doors are very heavily reinforced and its nearly impossible to break down with your hands. but still, its just a story.

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