A Crushing Weight


The four moved quietly through the deserted Phoenix suburb, the hot desert sun beating down on them causing the street to shimmer in the intense heat. Turning right at a large ‘T’ junction they quietly moved toward the next intersection and came to a stop, waiting as the leader peered around the corner. He turned around and motioned for the others to gather close.

“There’s three ahead, barely moving, Nate, Mark, Mel, pick a target each, get in close and knife the brains, no guns unless it’s an emergency, can’t afford any extra attention now.” The three, moved out from the corner, fanning out and slipping knives from sheaths with practiced stealth.

All three zombies were faced away from their assailants, the first two made no sound as the blades slid through the base of their jaw and into their brains. Mel looked across as the first two slid to the ground, skipped the last few steps forward, gripped the zombie’s hair and rammed the blade into its jaw. With a sickening crack, she felt the blade catch in its teeth and then slip from her grasp as the zombie twisted toward her.

She dived to her right as the undead reached toward her face, rolling, gripping and pulling with practiced ease, a small pistol she had tucked into her boot. As she sighted down the barrel at the zombies head she heard a heavy sound behind her, and with a rushing ‘glunk’ her world went dark.

Harley, the leader, stared in disbelief as the giant; almost 800lb undead zombie appeared from the side street behind Mel, slipped and fell directly on her. As it picked itself up Harley sighted down his rifle and tried to ignore the crushed and twisted body of his girlfriend. Steadying his aim he held his breath, squeezing the trigger as the giant undead rushed toward Mark. The shot flew into its collar bone, smashing flesh and ripping the lower part of its neck clear. Unstable from the blast the giant wavered, giving Mark enough time to pull his own pistol clear, but only enough time to put two rounds through its neck, before it closed the gap and dragged him to the ground tearing into his face.

Harley sighted a second time, trying to get a clear shot on either the giant or Nate as he struggled with the face impaled zombie. Swinging the sights from target to target he saw the giant raise up and again tried to ignore the bloody mess that was feebly trying to raise a hand to its now missing jaw. He sighted, breathed out and pulled the trigger as the giant reached for Nate. Harley smiled as the bullet smashed into its upper jaw, cleaving a path for the top of the undead’s head to drop down into its torn open upper chest cavity. With a giant shudder it fell to the ground, blood splashing out against Nate’s feet, who in turn stepped back, slipped and grabbed his attackers arm, while twisting his knife blade deep into the undead’s eye socket. As they both fell the last thing Nate saw was Mel’s knife butt ramming down into his own eye as the lifeless corpse fell on top of him.

Harley blinked, unable to comprehend that all three of his friends lay dead or dying on the hot asphalt road. Dropping the rifle he ran forward toward Mel and stopped. Staring in disbelief he watched as the giant undead began to push itself up. Reaching down he pulled his pistol from its holster and started to fire rounds into the undead’s back. It turned toward him as he finished the clip and started to reload. Still staring in disbelief comprehension dawned on Harley. Protruding where its neck had been was scraps of vertebrae bone, all remnants of its skull were gone, as its entire upper head, including brain had dropped down inside its chest cavity. It started to run in his direction and frozen with fear, Harley finished reloading and started to fire wildly praying that his shots would hit the submerged brain.

His prayers went unanswered as the massively obese undead slammed into him, tripping and crushing him to the ground. With the sound of his ribs snapping loudly in his ears and his entire face enveloped in rotten flesh Harley struggled against the massive weight. His vision began to fade as the choking stench filled his nostrils and the intense weight forced his chest flat. Pain lanced through him as ribs snapped clear in half and as the blissful darkness enveloped him he thought back and wished they had turned left at the road junction.


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