Charlie Squad

dark alley

“Alpha squad, head east at the next alley and join up with Charlie squad, sounds like they’re having some radio issues”, turning to his squad the sergeant quietly relayed the orders and began to walk down the alley.

“Hey Sarge, you really think we can hold the whole city?” asked one of the squad as he looked around nervously, pointing his gun into the shadows.

“Yes. Now shut up and keep moving, Charlie squad should be around here somewhere”

As the sergeant passed a large disused, dumpster a door burst open into the alleyway ahead of them. A blood-soaked man stumbled through, twisting and firing his pistol wildly back through the doorway, until the final ‘click’ of an empty magazine rang through the alley.

The man looked around and spotted the squad, now pressed up against the wall. Eyes wide, he pulled another clip from his belt and started to reload, bringing the gun to bear and arming the chamber in one swift motion.

Before the man could pull the trigger several shots rang out as the squad opened fire. Falling to the ground, he gave a final gasp and fell back against the alley wall.

“What the..” the sergeant’s voice trailed off as he saw more figures moving through the doorway. The heavy combat gear and dark blue logo patches on their upper arms identified them as one of their own, the dark blood dripping from open wounds and shambling walk identified them as something else.

“Open fire! Open fire!!” Crouching down, the sergeant screamed into his radio “Base, we’ve found Charlie squad! They’ve all turned! Nothings stopping them, too much head and body armor… Reload Andy, reload!… Requesting back up! We need backup!“

As his screams and the sound of gunfire echoed across the quiet operations room, the three men listening to the radio channel began to write notes. The fourth man, standing at a window looking out across the dark city turned and addressed the three note takers “It would appear Charlie squad is living up to its promise. Send the containment unit in, prepare to duplicate the results and then we ship them and the other test subjects to Central for foreign deployment”


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