An impossible location

barn in fieldThe two stood looking down at the helmet lying in the long grass.

“How? How is that even possible?” The first asked.

“I dunno man, but you sure it didn’t get through your boot?” The second was looking nervously at the deep bite marks in the others boot heel.

“Goddamit, yeah I’m sure it didn’t get through man! God damn were in the middle of a field, how did this get here, and where the hell is the rest of it?!” In frustration he kicked the combat helmet, sending it and its gnashing contents spinning away.

“We should go put a round in that man, you know, incase someone else steps on it”

“Screw that, forget it, let’s move on”

“Yeah, I was afraid you would say that” said the second man as he leveled his pistol to his companion’s skull and pulled the trigger.

Wiping the blood spray from the barrel with his jacket he strode off to find the kicked clear zombie head.


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