Profit in loss

“How dare you?! You’re profiting off of us! We fear for our lives every day, we fight every day, and you stand there and demand payment?” The man had risen to his feet, red faced and was shaking visibly with rage “How DARE YOU! How dare you come in here and demand that! We should all work together, it’s our only hope of survival!”

The stranger stood silently on the stage, his face dark beneath the rim of his hat, and looked down at the assembled townsfolk in front of him, to his side and slowly trying to edge his way off of the stage was the town’s mayor.

The man removed the hat, and swept his blond hair back from his eyes, looking around the room, he returned his gaze to the standing townsperson “We have seen worldwide destruction. We watched as countries tore themselves apart, including our own, until the televisions went dark and the power went out. Civilization as we knew it is gone. Our Infrastructure has collapsed and millions are dead and billions more roam the globe undead. Yet here you stand, in your little town, with your little rules, trying to reestablish some sort of civilization. You want things to return to how they were and only acknowledge the undead when they come pounding on your frail walls. Well the civilization that you want to return, demanded payment for an action and profit for a deed, no matter if it was good or bad. I am not demanding anything, I just want payment. If you feel the price is too high, then I suggest one of you enter the wilderness and find this woman yourself.”

The only sound in the little town hall was from the wind outside as it whipped down the street, its whispering howl sending shivers down more than one spine, as the townspeople thought about what was out beyond the towns walls.

“As I thought. I will return in three days. I expect the payment to be waiting for me upon my return.”

As he placed the wide brimmed hat back on his head, he turned to the townspeople again “Do not try and cross me. There are something’s worse than the walking undead”

With that he strode to the doors and out into the cold dark night.


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