Observation Memo

Forward Observer Bradley

Killing Blow Memo

It would appear that despite our rigid, yet hurried training, in the face of the undead onslaught, troops are still having trouble making the killing blow. There X key reasons behind this:

1. Head shots are hard to achieve, more so to achieve an upper head shot, as anything below the nose is usually ineffective. At range this is even more apparent. Observer has noted troops unloading countless rounds trying to take targets out at range. In close proximity, scoring a fatal shot is easier, however, once targets are within melee range, most rifles become relatively useless. Suggest deployment of more auto loading shotguns, as pumping new rounds causes decrease in accuracy and slow firing rate.

2. Skull deflections. Observer has noted multiple deflections from the skull. Bullets that strike the skull at an off angle, causing fractures and crushed bones that would normally stop a healthy grown man in his tracks, do not give zombies pause.

3. Aura of Fear. When in close combat zombies have what can only be called an ‘aura of fear’. Hardened battle units will become panicked, and begin to act and shoot irrationally as zombies move into hand to hand range. Forgetting their training and seeing there weapons having no apparent effect, accuracy falls and mistakes happen at an alarming rate. This effect is compounded as their comrades rise from the grave. Observer has witnessed troops turning their weapons on healthy comrades, mistaking them for risen zombies as their situation becomes dire.

Observation will continue. Recommendations for combat improvements will follow.


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