Stair Well to Hell

Ortane kicked the table against the door, slid the deadbolt across and started running for the stairs. As he reached the first steps, he heard the door buckling behind him as they broke their way through the flimsy door.

Bounding up the stairs three at a time, he pulled his shotgun clear from its holster and started to re-load. He turned at the top, picked up the can of gasoline they had brought with them and started to pour the contents onto the stairs.

“Jane, get the kid and head for attic, once you get there, go out of the window, jump down and get over to the barn, hopefully there’s some sort of vehicle still here.” He said, as he sluing the now loaded shotgun over his shoulder and pulled a pistol free from the recesses of his long jacket.

Fear in her eyes she pulled her child close “Where are you going?” she asked.

The first zombie, pallid grey flesh and dead eyes reached the bottom of the stairs, Ortane smoothly raised his pistol and fired one shot. As the zombie fell to the ground he turned, smiled and said “Im going to meet you at the barn”. Spinning on his heel he hurled the half empty can at the next zombie who had begun to climb the stairs. Knocked back it stumbled and disappeared in a cloud of flame as Ortane fired again. Instantly the stairwell became a burning inferno, thick black smoke billowing up, engulfing the one time lawyer from view.

Grabbing her son, Jane ran to the attic ladder, pushed the child up ahead of her, and began to climb.


One Response to Stair Well to Hell

  1. Colt says:

    i thought the wrighting had flowed very well but it just did not go into too much detail on where, when, and how many people were in the house or outside. it just seemed to have a very anticlimatic feel to it too. but im sure, with some work and time, it could be an amazing story.

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