Too Much Noise!

Clutching his head with his hands he screamed against the sound. The constant banging, scraping, shuffling and thumping had been going on for days. Morning noon and night all Steve could hear was the sound of a hundred zombies trying to get into the room. Unable to sleep, with no room to walk more than a few feet Steve was beginning to go crazy.

“STOOOOOOOPP!” he screamed, hurling himself at the wall. From the other side the banging increased as a undead hands and bodies hammered harder against the wall. Sobbing he slid to the floor, pressing his hands againt his ears, trying to make the noise stop. As he sat there he saw the small knife lying on the ground. His eyes hardened as he reached out and snatched it up.

“You want noise? I want it stopped!” with that he stood up, strode to the door, unlocked it and threw himself into the press of bodies as they came flooding into the room.


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