What we should have done

In retrospect, we should have nuked the infected cities. Of course, the general scientific consensus was that it was a virus that could be contained. A lot of theories were thrown around as to how people were infected. Was it an airborne virus? Sexually transmitted? A handshake? Terrorists?

The first few victims were restrained and studied, while those who suffered injuries in their restrained were sent to hospital. Within a few days, hundreds of undead began to pour out into the surrounding areas.

It took weeks before we figured out how to actually kill them. Weeks were thousands died and rose again. By the time we had figured it out, it was too late. Financial institutions had collapsed, industry and distribution services had stopped across large areas of the globe. Within months the world went dark as civilization came to a standstill and fear, war and the dead stalked the globe.

There were some in the beginning who recognized it for what it was. Who called for us to quarantine and destroy. Who shouted for us to destroy whole cities so that the rest of us could live.

We ignored them.

We paid the price.

We should have used nukes from the start.


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