Bring Back My Bonnie To Me

“Bonnie! Run Bonnie… NooOO! Ugggghhh”

Seeing her boyfriends side being ripped open, organs exposed, ribs cracked and extruding at unnatural angles she finally snapped. Screaming her terrified rage she rushed the huge zombie, pounding her fists into its back and head.

With a groan the zombie released Sam, who fell to the ground spraying blood across the courtyard. The zombie twisted and grabbed Bonnie’s arm, tearing her shirt and raking his nails down her arm. As she backed away, screaming more, he reached out and caught her hair in his hand. With a sudden jerk the zombie pulled her to him and bit down hard on her collar bone. She screamed and struggled hard, blood spraying up around her face and into her mouth.

Lying on the ground, his life blood pouring out around him Sam watched as the zombie grabbed his beloved and began to attack her. As he watched her blood fall and mix with his, a surge of anger welled over him. Heaving himself up, he screamed and tore one of the lose ribs from his chest, and with a final, desperate scream, rammed the rib through the Zombies ear and into its brain.

As the three fell to the ground, Bonnie reached out and grasped Sams blood drenched hand. “I love you“ she whispered as the last breath wheezed from his torn chest.

She lay for several minutes quietly sobbing and trying to stop the blood flow from her shoulder. With a lurch Sam sat up, reached out and dug his fingers into her open wound, dragging her toward him. As his lifeless eyes and gaping mouth filled her vision she screamed.


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