Local News, Harbringer of Doom!

“We now go live, to reporter Trisha Brown, flying high in News Chopper 8 over quarantine section D, Trisha?”

“Hi Tom. We are currently hovering above what looks to be an ever growing crowd of unhappy and possibly sick residents moving toward the quarantine barricade. Its hard to get a good view of their faces Tom, but a number of them look very ill”

“Trisha, do you know what has caused all these residents to break quarantine?”

“Well Tom, we have reports of a soldier accidentally discharging his gun, and hitting a nearby resident. With the quarantine restrictions and now the shooting of an innocent bystander the residents may have been pushed too far and now want to protest this unprecedented government action”

“Tom, I just got word from the pilot that he’s seen a good area nearby to land, were going to go down and see if we can’t get a few of the locals reactions”

“Well, you be careful Trisha, we don’t want to see you quarantined too”

“Don’t you worry Tom, this IANA reporter will get to the bottom of this, back to you in the Studio”

“Thanks Trisha and good luck. Now, Sports!”


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